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Jeramy 2022-10-15 06:50:03

If you've been chasing Trump's reality show for the duration of the episode, you should already be familiar with the 3-hour skit in these two episodes. Watching the show can get more surprises: the main reason is that the casting is too similar in appearance! Kushner's role is almost doubtful to be played in his own right; Sessions, Priebus, and Flynn all see obvious resemblances; Yates, McCabe, and Clapper casts find striking new resemblances in familiar faces. Even the actor who plays Bannon has no lines, and it doesn't look very similar from a close look. From a distance, it really looks like it can be recognized at a glance without any introduction. Even alien faces like Mueller have found quite expressive actors! (Obama is not very similar, but the tone is clearly practiced.)

The biggest challenge is, of course, Trump, whom everyone knows too well. Fortunately, as a media personality, his characteristics are also very distinctive. Gleeson's interpretation can be said to be effective. What's more, the presentation of Trump is quite ingenious - he received the treatment of Hitler in the movie "Valkyrie": he first appeared in the dark light to follow the back of the mirror. With the beauties on the side, the atmosphere is immediately full, and you can smell the sin in the suddenly thick air. (Gleeson still has too much hair.)

Comey casting Jeff Daniels is noticeably friendlier than the real person. Comey himself is thinner and has sharper facial lines. After all, having cancer is different! Daniels's expression lines are not a big problem, but it still makes people feel more like Daniels, gentle and harmless, just after talking with Jobs about joining the team. Watching him dangling for three hours actually boosted Comey's public profile.

Trump & Comey

The script was adapted from Comey's autobiography, so the bias is self-evident. As for what happened to Page and Strzok's sex scene, could Comey be there at the time, so it's written into his autobiography? The two are married and have two children each, and have had extramarital affairs, and both participated in the FBI's Russia investigation and the subsequent independent prosecutor Mueller's investigation. The two can be said to be like-minded. In addition to adultery, they did not forget to send a lot of text messages to each other on the mobile phone issued by the FBI, seriously opposing Trump and supporting Hilary Clinton. The official mobile phone information is not protected by privacy. In 2017, the FBI launched an investigation into the Russia-related investigation (the political inclination behind it is obvious). Soon after obtaining these text messages, someone broke the news to the New York Times, attracting members of Congress to ask Retrieve these text messages. You also know the partisan nature of congressmen, and these text messages soon became known to everyone after they entered the airy Congress. Page and Strzok, by virtue of their own extreme stupidity, provided a spiced shell for Trump's frenzied attacks on Mueller and the FBI while humiliating themselves and their spouses and children in front of the American public.

Page & Strzok

So how can you forget about you? The sex scene must be added. Both have filed lawsuits following the text messaging incident, against the attorney general and the FBI/DOJ, respectively. After looking at the defendant's defense logic, they felt that winning the case was no good. The two just used the lawsuit as a cover to try to earn a little public image. The media reported that Page was not divorced, and in 2020 served as a TV commentator for MSNBC.

So, my friend, look, drama critics must first comment on dramas, and then comment on history and reality. Is it okay to urinate urgently? Even with Daniels dangling, Comey's announcement on the eve of the election that he's reopening the mail gate revives old anger. I still remember the first feeling when I saw this breaking news: Hilary Clinton is finished. Fed up centrist voters are on the verge of disasteful, the effect of this crit is irreversible.

In January 2017, Trump, who was just taking office, tried to win Comey as a horse boy, and he was popular in public. This is a real photo corresponding to this scene in the play.

In the play, the interpretation in his autobiography is translated, and this article believes that it does not hold. The reopening was announced because of an earlier declaration of non-prosecution (so there is a beginning and end); the declaration of non-prosecution, contrary to the old practice, was to preserve the reputation of the institution. But isn't announcing the reopening on the eve of the election precisely what has done a great deal of damage to the institution's reputation? Seeing himself as a saint, ignorant of his own huge blind spot, for noble reasons and catastrophic results, coincidentally, he also often brings headlines to himself. Comey's fateful ending warns us not to indulge in our own plentiful sense of morality; strong principles also tend to indulge in arrogance, shortsightedness, and self-interest, which constitutes a not-uncommon sense of sanctimoniousness.

Comey, Hilary Clinton and the NDC: YOU DESERVE TRUMP.

As for the golden shower, which is depicted on the show, Fox reported in 2021 that its source was a Ukrainian-American resident working for a research institute headed by a longtime friend and ally of Hilary Clinton. The person has been indicted by the US government for lying to the FBI. He confessed that the golden shower was nothing more than a rumour on the phone of Russian drinking buddies, which he exchanged with Steele, who accepted the rumours.

Fast forward to August 2020, and Biden has selected Kamala as his running mate. Comey posted a selfie on social media wearing a T-shirt that read "Elect More Women".

Hilary Clinton's aide quickly replied:

A lot of us tried. You f---ed it up. But the tee shirt definitely makes up for it.


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