How to keep pride of mankind

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A thousand days of diary records are counted on the romantic lottery, of which only one day belongs to true love. Why did such a vital and brave person suffer from this tragedy?

HenryVIII's political marriage became painful due to childlessness, and the innate feelings were easily defeated by other women. His strong possessiveness towards Ann manipulates him, destroying his wife who longs for simple love, and making mistakes in his career.

Ann's pure love was betrayed by her family. After being discouraged by her family, libido sublimated her fascination with power. At this time, he and her libido finally overlapped on love one day, and love passed by one day later, and was defeated by other women as well.

The war of desire turns into a war of gender. Henry got rid of Ann because she couldn't have a son (there was no exit mechanism in the marriage at the time). Betrayed by her father, Ann slapped her husband in prison and said, "Go -- keep your pride of manhood."

In this tragedy, everyone tried so hard, but in the end everyone failed -- what is all this for? ?

What's wrong: the king seizes love, prefers sons over women, is at the mercy of desires (greed), obsessed with giving birth to sons (idiots), and violates the patriarchal law by unscrupulous means (hatred); this greedy, maddened slave seeks the priority of manhood in vain, hoping The wife is faithful to herself, pitiful and ugly. The world sees that even if you are as precious as the emperor, you will not get the respect of your lover and the world.

Each of us is threatened by greed, delusion, and hatred every day. Fighting against them is the only way to gain human dignity. Dignity is the only wealth that human beings leave to the universe and themselves.

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