The full-level boss is at ease in the novice village, but it is difficult to move

Noel 2022-07-19 15:52:23

Since it's not too long since I just finished watching SAO. There is only a casual episode in between. So there is a strong sense of similarity. Both are fully immersive online games like VRMMORPG. act directly on the brain. The former is to slowly fight monsters to upgrade P players. After all, there are a lot of real-world scenes. The latter is a full-level player to explore an unknown world. There are only a few sentences about the real world. "This is the prop that I spent the whole summer with the bonus krypton gold." It's kind of like a one-punch setup. The protagonist is basically invincible as soon as he comes out. Personally prefer the latter. Maybe it's newer.

Many comments said that the most interesting thing about this drama is that the male lead is very strong. But very cowardly. I don't agree. Because first, it can be seen that the official wants to show him as cautious and wise as possible. The second is to look at the results of the funny sister in the mid-term. It is the result of strength but too arrogance. The audience may know that he is strong but the protagonist does not. How big is the world. I don't know how strong the enemy is. It's all up to your own testing.

The disadvantage is that the background knowledge of the account is really a little less. such as grading. Classification of skills. The role of buff and so on. It will cause people to feel unclear when they see it. If it weren't for subtitles doing popular science, it would definitely be a lot less fun.

Each character has distinct personalities. Vampire loli. Cross-dressing twins. The loyal minister who blinded the traitor's face in vain. It is very suitable to be the other half of Albedo and so on. . . . . Okay, I admit that I envy people who have an object? NPCs have changed from monotonous AI to characters of various personalities. Can it be said that they also have life? They also don't want to be abandoned again. No one leads.

Attached to the pit map

The big guy who gave himself more than 20 buffs in one breath.

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