This Hengba by Richard Burton was very successful

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This obnoxious villain, Henry VIII, earned Richard Burton an Oscar nomination in 1970, but failed again - Henry VIII in "Annie's Thousand Days."

First of all, this is a female protagonist, and the male protagonist is positioned as a foil for the female protagonist. The way to correctly fulfill the director's intention is to not overwhelm the guest and highlight the personal glory.

Heng Pak is a scumbag, but he has a lot of hesitant lines when he signs the order to execute Annie. It would be a piece of cake if Burton really wanted to play him with a love for the heroine. His eyes alone can show the infinite affection that the audience will believe.

when signing the order

Because he is a man with melancholy and affectionate attributes, with a kind of sad face, Taylor was captured by his temperament when he played opposite Taylor for the first time in "Cleopatra". Therefore, it is very easy for him to act the truth, but he needs to use his acting skills to let him act the fake.

However, when he actually played the lines to excuse Annie in a eloquent manner, there was a bit of contrived falsehood, which made people know at a glance that Heng Pak was acting. Note that it's not Burton doing the drama, it's Burton's character doing the drama.

This is because Hyung-pak is positioned as a hypocrite, cruel, selfish, despicable, scumbag who likes to shirk the blame. If Burton wanted to please the audience, he could play his own way into the way he fell in love with Annie but was deceived by the traitor. Certainly.

Besides, when Anne was beheaded, the Tower of London rang the death knell, and the sound reached the hillside in the distance. Heng Bazheng and a group of courtiers and nobles were stationed on horses in hunting suits to wait for the result.

In the process of hearing the lingering sound of the bell ringing, Hengba rode his horse and looked up.

Although he had no expression in this scene, his eyes seemed to have a hint of loss and thoughtfulness. At this moment I even suspect that he will have a little remorse for killing Annie, or think about the good old love affair with her. If Burton really acted like this, he could save a trace of the audience's understanding for Hyung-pak.

Zhuma Overlook
death knell
the bell ends

However, he did not. He raised his chin slightly, maintaining the attitude of a monarch's superior, majestic and arrogant.

The next moment he showed a relieved and indifferent expression, his attitude changed suddenly, and he turned around and ordered his courtiers to play with him at the house of his latest mistress, Jane Seymour. Then he took the lead, galloping away without looking back, getting rid of his tired old love, and now he was chasing his next prey.

I believe that all the audience will be completely disgusted by this unrepentant scumbag when they see this, right?

Well, because of this effect, Burton has successfully accomplished the purpose of his performance. If he was really running to win awards, he didn't need to cut off the audience in this way at all.

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