I don't know if I should recommend this show

Roel 2022-07-19 16:25:10

In fact, this animation is not high-level, and it is very targeted. It just hits the deep otaku of the online game, what a harem, what a unique world, and hits the G-spot of otaku everywhere. It is basically the same as the starting point. I actually stayed up all night to watch the animation of the abandonment. Because I found that hitting the G-spot can be so accurate, so direct is also a kind of skill. And it is also magnanimous, unlike some animations ("Iron Gundam", it is you) that is obviously so vulgar, and it has to put on a thief's aloof appearance, all kinds of pretentiousness. This animation is good: "I am the strongest, the strongest in the world, the game setting is like this, do it if you don't agree." The biggest fun for me in the whole animation is the otaku fun, online game stalks, such as the battle maid group, the adventurer's union Work upgrade. There are also uniform butlers, black-bellied men in suits, men and women changing clothes, and the protagonist’s interest is the German military uniform control, and he is very shy about it. Others will have a different vision when they know it, and this mentality is simply too well grasped. The good thing about this animation is that it has the protagonist's inner spit, and you can see the protagonist's various careful thoughts under the pretense, which is really hilarious. This animation is actually the point of laughter, but the most boring thing is the final showdown. It’s really boring, we know that the protagonist will definitely win, and seeing the skeleton adding more than 20 buffs to himself, we really want to laugh. In my opinion, the essence of this animation is the contrast between cuteness and the voice of the otaku. If animation gets boring, it must be starting to tell some kind of messy, boring conspiracy story.

Another reason worth watching is that this animation is vulgar and not flattering, despite the number of online articles and otaku minds, and its values ​​are relatively positive. Village, and then tribute virgins. The protagonist may not be a morally noble person, but he is not a bad person either. The character selection and skeleton selection are just for fun. Morally, he is essentially an ordinary person who can feel the good side of the world, such as saving Kahn Village. Although it is to repay Tachimi, to be famous in the name of the union, it is not only to send a signal but also to inherit the will of the union members, and there is a very subtle, let the pharmacist family pay the whole family, and then drive them to the village of Kahn. Didn't you quietly help Enfilia and Enri connect?

In short, it looks very vulgar, but it is actually not bad. Unlike some third-rate cool articles, the protagonist plans to make people kneel and lick as soon as he has superpowers. The motives of beauties hugging from left to right are relatively acceptable. Self-protection, investigation, Looking for companions at the same time not humiliating the guild, inheriting the will of each guild member, etc., the pattern is still relatively positive, not dross. Of course, I don't know how the original work is, but it seems to be animated. If the original low-key animation is made, it will be mentioned above, so I don't know what the real situation is. But at least a little bit through the background explanation of the green subtitles at station B, I can feel that the original setting is very complicated, and the animation saves a lot. I personally like this kind of adaptation. What weapons, what props, what races, really, just mention a little bit to enhance the style of online games, really like opening a shop, one by one, it is a really boring time-travel drama. This animation is a hilarious stalk that matches the taste of online games and the voice of the otaku. How many people saw the hamster's cuteness and laughter? That's what's interesting about this animation, who really cares about who's who in that other world.

Last but not least, I would like to praise the portrayal of the supporting roles. The general characters in Chuanwen have no special features and are very flat, but this animation is not bad. The lizardmen tribe and the butler Sebas are all portrayed in flesh and blood, which is impressive. Even a few words about the dead adventurer team would not be forgotten. Among them, Ainz watched the adventurer team recall the part of the partner who fought in the online game. I think it should be able to hit the tear glands of many experienced online game players. Yes, this animation is almost tailor-made for those viewers with online gaming memory. I don't want to catch all the audience in one go, but it can definitely make some audiences feel so cool.

In short, this animation still has some surprises. Although it is far from a masterpiece and a masterpiece, it is not as weak as it looks on the surface. However, because I took a rough look at the plot of the novel later, I am not very optimistic about the later development of this drama, and it is very likely to fall into the rut of Chuan Shuangwen. I'm actually quite confused about whether to follow this show or not.

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