Workplace group portraits in different world skins

Rahul 2022-07-19 19:43:56

The "OVERLORD" series has been controversial since its release. There are various reasons why people can't watch it, and there are various reasons for liking it. I think it all depends on what you think of it as something, and as an audience hope Find something in it.

First of all, there is no doubt that the "OVERLORD" series is a work that cannot be judged by true logic. As the protagonist, the Bone King is also an unquestionable villain, so this kind of work is not suitable for three The view has not yet been formed, and the children who are still trying to learn the truth, goodness and beauty in the world. It is full of struggle and darkness, but also warmth and unity within interest groups. If I had to describe it, I would be more inclined to describe Nazarick as a business entity, rather than the Demon King City in the eyes of the Messenger of Justice. Everyone thinks this work is a cool show, just as cool as the person in charge of Alipay at the beginning (bushi, but in fact, the fault tolerance rate left to the Bone King is actually not high, there are other competitors in this world who are wary of you, and some The market leeks you harvest, as a group, must always win people's hearts. It can be said that if the development is completely in accordance with the cool template, Nazarick (Alipay) will easily collapse, and being the person in charge of the company is indeed very obvious to others. It is a very beautiful thing, but in fact, it is the incumbent who works hard every day.

What the "OVERLORD" series presents to us is not the promotion of hard work, justice, and friendship like the hot-blooded young man, but a picture of a workplace group in the skin of a different world. Taking the Holy Kingdom chapter in the novel as an example, Nazarick chose to use public relations and spies, etc., to conquer the Holy Kingdom, which could have used military force. . Of course, since it is based on a different world, the means of competing for interests are naturally not so pure. Big financing is to create a foreign enemy background to go to the kingdom to grab money, and scientific research and technology directly capture the desired object to experiment. These make me have a sense of sight of the primitive capital accumulation of the evil capitalism. With advanced technology, Nazarick constantly bullied local residents in the vast land, and squeezed their labor force to complete their own capital accumulation. The cruelty of its methods and the annihilation of human nature are probably similar to those of the colonists who ravaged the African continent at that time.

Standard Bone King Thinking Logic

Secondly, a large part of the "OVERLORD" series is used to depict those non-protagonist characters, depicting the mental journey of small and micro enterprises and even various social animals under the monopoly of this industry giant. From the perspective of such a dark protagonist, it also appropriately praises the greatness of the beautiful side of human nature, and more prominently shows a sense of powerlessness between good and evil. In fact, I am somewhat opposed to the theory that "evil cannot overcome righteousness", as if there is no need to do anything, the darkness will naturally be erased by the light. In fact, just like the alternation of day and night, light and darkness in history have never been absolute. Hiding shadows in the daytime and lighting up lights in the dark night, as an ordinary person, even if you light a lamp in your heart when the times are dark, you will inevitably fall into this deep sense of powerlessness. I take care of peace&love on weekdays, and watching something that is moderately dark in the "OVERLORD" series can at least remind me to return to a little reality.

Therefore, the evaluation of the "OVERLORD" series is actually determined the moment the audience clicks on it. Let me sum up and judge it, then it is: The "OVERLORD" series is definitely not mainstream, and it is not a godsend for all ages, but I definitely recommend anyone who thinks about society to watch it. , to look at the side you would hate in any work.

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