King of the Undead - What It's Like to Take Drugs

Dusty 2022-08-19 06:18:29

sm mind control (similar to science and engineering events), maids, transgender, games, magic, martial arts, politics, power, kingship, loyalty, perversion, friendship, sadomasochism... I'm exhausted, this film has everything. This is the story of a frustrated salaryman whose parents died. He traveled to a game world that was about to go offline. Step by step, through his own tricks and wisdom, he led the NPCs in the game to build a country and rule the world. The world view is similar to the Middle Ages in Europe + the Warring States Period in Japan. Feeling old fashioned? Feeling rotten? But I just fell in like this. There are the latest trends in the modern world, the most fringe, the most two-dimensional elements, and the story is also rhythmically taking you to experience an invincible contempt for arrogance. You will unconsciously position yourself as a character in the film according to your character, cry for him, and be convinced by him.

This is an animation adapted from a Japanese light novel, updated to the thirteen episodes of the second season.

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