Foxtrot - Absurdity and Fate

Electa 2022-08-20 03:53:47

The three paragraphs with a sense of absurdity form a complete ring structure, and the content is connected through the unified environment on the vehicle. In the first paragraph, the administrative error brought huge emotional ups and downs to the victim's host family. This part of the scene scheduling is extremely neat and beautiful, and the operation of the camera content has a sense of anxiety. At the turning point of the event, the scattered black powder was released as a subjective emotion, a novelty and a concentrated image. In the last two paragraphs, the sentry foxtrot, as an absurd pastime, is the center. Lazy frontier life gave Jonathan a space for fantasy; another space, home, was an emotional reconciliation. Just as things were getting better, Jonathan had an accident on his way home. Through the suggestion of painting on the car, the emotions of the two spaces are connected, and at the same time, the "absurd" world view is indirectly confirmed. This kind of "absurdity" is the surface of everything, and "fate" is predestined and will happen eventually. On the whole, it is an art film with excellent craftsmanship, the author has a clear point of view, and the content has a very prominent learning value.

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