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On the weekend night, I was looking for a light movie to watch, but it turned out to be so heavy. When I first started watching it, I was pleasantly surprised. Wow, the angle of the lens and the movement of the lens. This shade! There are also many symmetrical compositions that make the whole picture particularly beautiful. Very artistic and very particular about style. Especially for my appetite, but the more I see the back, the more sleepy it becomes, because it mainly expresses the inner state of the characters, and the lines are rarely rhythmically slow. Not really suitable for late night viewing.

The story is very simple. If you describe the content of the story, you may not be interested in reading it. It is that a family in Israel received a notification from the military that their young son had died on the battlefield. Within a few hours, he was still in grief. Informed that it was another soldier with the same name and surname who died by mistake. The father was very excited to see his son who was "resurrected from the dead" immediately. After leaving the relationship, he forcibly transferred his son from the border. An accident happened on the way and left the personnel. Such a simple structure took 112 minutes to shoot! Therefore, it is more suitable for comprehending the spiritual crisis behind the details than the whole story. The absurdity of the big structure and the small details is no less than the absurd story.

It is an art film, which expresses a lot of plain reality in art form, which produces these strange and strange feelings. Unbelievably weird. A total of four stories are presented in the form of dance in structure. The dance steps of the foxtrot are very simple four: one step to the right (home) - one step back (border) - one step to the left (home) - back to the origin. There is a sense of fate that cannot be escaped.

Many of the camera techniques in the film are worthy of further study. At the beginning of the film, after opening the door, the abstract painting of the camera facing the porch stayed for a few seconds in a chaotic manner (the latter painting was moved to the living room for unknown reasons) and then shook. In the past to the stunned father. Next is a set of militarized funeral process. It seems to be humane and considerate, and various services are arranged for you, but it is cold and rigid. Drinking a glass of water in an hour is accurate to the point of the funeral process. The parties were still immersed in grief and were forced to be arranged step by step. Death is quick and acceptance is slow.

There are a lot of things worth learning in terms of composition and picture. I felt a lot of the director's lens language in this film. It is mainly used to brew the emotions of the characters, and there are many details that I don’t understand very well. I don’t know why I designed abstract paintings, dogs, camels, tilted containers, and women with car windows. There are too many elements full of meaning in the forks of the human face. To really understand this film, it takes more time to understand and experience. like a work of art.

So is the movie talking about fate? Should we believe in fate? I appreciate its artistic sense more.

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