Foxtrot in the 1930s in Shanghai

Ned 2022-11-13 14:52:14

The title of the film reminds me of the debate among the best Chinese film theorists in the 1930s during the Spring Festival, the debate on soft movies, Mu Shiying is quite good. He used to dance the foxtrot in Shanghai ballrooms, and then he got tired of it. I don't know what it is.

Almost a century ago.

Today's foxtrot, this Maotz dance, shows how the foxtrot was originally. Just four steps.

The beginning is very good, the real joke of resurrection, the middle is also good, absurd and righteous, the third paragraph is not strong enough, the war situation of the joke strongly rubs the urban middle-aged anxiety, the camel is very interesting, the dance in response to the son is very good, the strength is the form of. The marijuana arrangement is quite appropriate. In reality, the way of inserting the illusion is very good. The cruel laugh is not too strong. At this moment, I think of Lijiang's Baked Pork Ribs Hot Pot, I don't know why. Let the young people on both sides of the ideological divide look at each other and laugh, and then the tragedy will be good. There are comics, they are excellent, and the content and methods are all right, but the whole and the film are still lacking in energy and the effect is not obvious. The story told by my son is also very interesting. Beliefs have become sexual beliefs, secular beliefs, and how to face modernization in terms of historical issues, but the meaning seems to be very independent. My son's cartoon design is very good. It is interesting that the crane and the car are repeatedly compared to the crisis of middle-aged relationship and the crisis of urban ecological relationship. The whole is a reflection on the war, a reflection on the Jewish status quo? I felt absurd banter and helpless complaints.

Realistic themes, absurd comedy techniques, no more information, simplicity is a German trait? The art props are really good, the heavy photography and clean rhythm, and the restrained performance adds a sense of joy. Poverty and simplicity and abstraction are things that need to be balanced. A literary film must have a style, as well as strength and effect. You are just playing with the style, and who cares about the lack of clarity and ambiguity. Belongs to light flirting.

But the simple and abstract prophecy is more suitable for resounding reverberation. If it's that light, why don't you just play it, American movies are very thorough, Inglourious Basterds, Coen Brothers, isn't Europa the originator of juggling, Gypsy, underground, you shouldn't want to be light like idol dramas, just as light, There is also a portrait of a burning woman. The beauty is all beautiful, and the light is really light, but the aesthetics are also different. The light movie is also good, there must be someone with a style on the street, and occasionally recognize a Marilyn Manson, oh, this is really heavy, and encounter a slipknot again? Oh, you look like Lars Von Trier.

The Matrix is ​​talking about very important and essential things. He wears suits and shoes. You love European style, and you must despise this kind of morality.

From this point of view, what you wear is quite literary, but it is actually a rotten behavior. As an Oriental, I also look down on you.

So as an Oriental, what should I wear?

I can actually go back: Come to think of it, in the thirties, didn't we already dance the foxtrot? If there is nothing behind it, you may have a better chance of knowing what you are wearing. "Yiyi" may be a big and no small proof.

As a forgetful person, I have to think about Mu Shiying often,

how does he dance

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