man dancing with gun

Jeromy 2022-09-28 07:39:54

I was drawn to movie posters. On the poster, a young soldier pointed his gun at the sky with his arms around his chest, his legs slightly bent and his feet stretched out in a figure-eight shape, his neck turned back and his head raised towards the sky, wearing a black combat uniform. , wearing khaki dark gray trousers and a pair of muddy half-height desert boots on his feet, his figure was fixed on a dance action of the film titled "Foxtrot". It is a muddy dirt road, next to a light green van with a portrait of a graceful woman on it, and behind it is an endless khaki sandy ground. It seems that they are integrated with each other, a strange beauty, which makes people unforgettable for a long time. It was the first time I watched a movie from a country that made international headlines from time to time, and I didn't miss this movie.

The film is divided into three sections. The narrative is not completely straightforward, and the story is told in chronological order. Instead, there are many ambush of introductions, and there are overlaps and jumps in time. The beginning and the end of the film are superimposed to form a closed loop. In the first paragraph, father Michael hears the news of his son Jonathan's safety and sees migratory birds flying by in groups through the round window. In the second paragraph, his son Jonathan is after the foxtrot dance. One day when I was on duty in the evening, I saw a flock of birds appearing in my field of vision through the telescope. Skip it, so we will have a feeling of unknown, but from the picture book in the hands of son Jonathan in the military camp to the dialogue between father Michael and Michael and his wife to understand how much time span. There are many introductions buried in the narrative, which broke out in the third paragraph, and the suspense creation is very good, such as the life-and-death reversal in the first paragraph, the strange behavior of the father (the bedroom is buried in the sobbing, the bathroom is turned on the hot water faucet and the hand is flushed. , kicking an innocent dog) and hyper-emotional reactions, Michael's mother only remembers her grandson Jonathan but misidentified her son Michael, the magazine cover girl in the drawer, and the constant emphasis on the image of "soldiers only fall", all in the second paragraph. Supplement detonates all conflicts in the third episode, and finally makes us understand the motivation and psychology of the characters.

In terms of tone and atmosphere, the whole film is full of icy chills and depressing loneliness. The cramped aisle and porch of the home, the narrow space for people to move, the black and white colors (white walls and black shelves, black and white diamond-shaped floors), the messy small barracks in the military camp, the desolate and cold fog in the morning, the vast empty desert , The lonely night with heavy rain does not give people pressure all the time, enter the atmosphere created by the director, and watch the characters slowly move towards the ending step by step.

As for the theme, in addition to the relative ease with which we can understand and feel the heartache of parents losing their children, I think in a broader perspective, perhaps we can get some inspiration from the words of Soldier Amikan. "We are fighting the unknown, but I don't know what the unknown is," he said. "The great uncertainty of the unknown makes it difficult for everyone to respond and act immediately and accurately, so the dark clouds are shrouded in that country all the time. Whether you are on the battlefield or outside the battlefield, the two are not isolated, but They are closely related to each other. Son Jonathan killed a girl he liked because of his long-term combat training reaction on a rainy night. He thought it was a bomb but didn't expect a can of beer; his father, Michael, was afraid of his son Jonathan's death and rushed to find a relationship to adjust her. Leaving the border caused his son Jonathan to die in an unexpected way. He thought the unknown was a threat from enemy guns, but it was just a camel; his son Jonathan was on duty at the border with a gun to guard against the unknown, and his father Michael was worried for his son Jonathan outside the battlefield. Unknown, everyone is in such a huge uncertainty, always guarding against the unknown, which eventually changes everyone's trajectory.

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