origin of destiny

Andy 2022-11-12 01:16:55

Just as I expected the literary film to be a little boring, I fell asleep after watching it for 20 minutes, and then watched it in the evening. Finally, I saw the subtitles at the end of the film after my son rolled over, and I sat for a while, feeling lost. The overall feeling is very delicate, no matter the shooting pictures or the feelings of the characters in the play. The director's storytelling skills are profound. The initial crit made the parents collapse, and the subsequent reversal made the father not show the surprise and gratitude of ordinary people. Instead, he became more manic and used his military network resources to transfer his son back from the army. It seems that this is the case. If it develops smoothly, the whole family will be reunited, and everyone will be happy. The screen switches to his son's service life. Boredom fills his mind. An accident cost him the lives of four young people. At the same time, it was covered up by the military. The four innocent lives are nothing but nothing. was sent back. Seeing this, I have two personal feelings of discomfort. First, when my father learned that the bad news was an accident, he was not only ungrateful to God, but also extremely frantic and unreasonable. Is the reality so unfair? In the end, the director made everything go back to the setting of the beginning of the film. The son fell during the military service, which made me feel a little fair and made me feel sad for the success of the child and the family.

In the end, everything returned to the original point, just like the foxtrot, no matter how you danced, it still returned to the original point, and no one could escape the arrangement of fate.

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