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Marcus, Melody, Luke, Sarah, Sean, Steven...

These are six Australian high school students, they are only 16 or 17 years old, but they are in a situation that is far beyond what their age can interpret, and what they describe The stories about them are actually just sketching an inexplicable picture for us. Such inexplicable scenes are some scenes that remain in our memory and are not touched by people.

In their shadows, there is the indifference in the elephant, the sadness in Lily Zhouli, the loneliness in the sunny day, the helplessness in the cruel history of Ma Congee Street and the cruelty and pain in the juvenile murder in Guling Street.

But they are not the protagonists. The protagonist died at 2:37 this afternoon. Her name was Kelly. She always had a bright smile. She wanted to warm everyone, but it was her. She cut her wrists.

Marcus is a child who lives with family absence and high expectations. He is a victim of oppression by grades, but he is also a criminal who sexually assaulted and even raped his sister Melody. His shadow is caused by the absence of family, When his parents run away from home, what they have to face is a different world. He needs warmth, but if he doesn't, then he has the desire to ask for it. But that's how the sin began.

Melody, a loving child, still has a crush on Luke, but when she was sexually assaulted by her younger brother, everything that belonged to her fell apart, and her mother, the person she loved most, left the family behind After leaving, she called her mother, full of polite dialogue and answers, everything, but there was no affection and heat that could support her.

Luke is handsome and strong. He has a girlfriend Sarah that everyone envies. He is the main force of the school football team and is the focus of everyone's attention... However, he is a GAY. He maintains a gay relationship with Sean, but hides it like this The abnormal relationship in his heart, in fact, has become a stone in his heart. He can't admit that he is a GAY reality, but when Sean appears in front of him, he can choose to escape, but... Where can you escape.

Sean, a marijuana smoker, gay, he's numbing or numbing himself with swearing and foul language. He waits for him outside Luke's house every morning, then watches him drifting away from his sight, he relieves himself in the girls' bathroom, he gets stigmatized by everyone, and all he can do is smoke weed in the storage room alone, Then curse it all, desperate eyes.

Sarah, loves Luke with all her heart, she never wanted to play emotional games, she is sincere to Luke, and even hopes for a lifetime, but she also knows that she does not dare to hope too much, between her and Luke, Others seem to be a prince and a princess, but she has been living in fear, she knows that Luke doesn't love her that much, but she doesn't want to let go, her world has long been shrouded in another world, that world is called loss, broken loss.

Steven, a lame, hunched, incontinent boy. In his life, apart from football, the only thing left is low self-esteem. His physical defects make him always ridiculed by others. Life is like this, do you need to cry?

Then all that needs to be said is finished, and there will actually be one person in the stories of these six people, Kelly. She is always full of enthusiasm in different occasions, she has the brightest pure and kind smile, she likes children and all beautiful things. She enthusiastically helped others, she was full of hope and vitality, and then, she died.

The narration of the six people only constructs an environment, an environment of despair and suffocation, just like in a dark corner, moss can survive forever, while sunflowers can only wither and die. Therefore, six people who have sufficient reasons to commit suicide continue to live. , and the child who had always hoped to live died.

The music is reminiscent of Lily Zhouli's Kobayashi Takeshi's soundtrack, but the sadness and grace pierce my heart.

Always admire the courage of people who commit suicide because the vast majority of us are cowards and don't even have the courage to watch her cut her wrist with scissors and Kelly ended it all in that snow-white room, she was wearing a crisp white vest , fell to the ground, bleeding all over the ground, the angel who wanted to lose blood.

Angels can't save them and us.

This was shot by the director in memory of his friend Kelly who committed suicide three years ago. It really hurts.

Because none of this is fiction, welcome to the real world.

watched a moive... 2h37
feeling painful, and i know its growing pains.
its an australian flick about the life of high school students.
right from the beginning, we donno about love, sex and... the fucking whole world.
we just need to take our time to blend and infuse...
sometimes we just wanna go away...

some kids will find they are gay.
some will find who she loves is gay.
some will find herself pregnant and the unborn baby's father is her brother.
some will be always looking down on himself becuz of his physical incapability.
some will find his gay lover only wants to hide the truth...
and some... feeling pissed off and down about the real world, they commit suicide.

the world is NOT perfect, and will never be. the problem is not the world, but ourselves. we were brought up in fairytales. so to grow up, we have to endure, or, in other words, to be adjusted into the reality.

welcome to the real world.

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2:37 quotes

  • Sean: My mum got me a Husky last week.

    School Counsellor: Oh yeah, how is it?

    Sean: I cut its fucking throat.

    [pause, then Sean laughs]

    Sean: Nah, just kidding, it's good.

  • Sarah: Just because you're married doesn't mean you have to let yourself go.