forgotten person

Erwin 2022-09-16 18:53:08

In the intense white light illuminated by the spotlights, the childish faces or the emotional injustices, or the stagnant narrations with little expectation, are only in such monologue-style fragments of shots, and every day in daily life. A look, every word, has the foundation for its establishment.

It is undeniable that such a theme of exploring the psychological problems of students on campus will be easily linked to "The Elephant", but in fact, I still think that the camera handling of "2:37" is obviously inferior to that of "The Elephant".
The shooting technique of "2:37" is relatively monotonous. The monologues of characters under the spotlight and the visual perceptions of different people under the long-lens lens, these two techniques throughout the article are a bit like tracking reports on social cases. In fact, since watching the flashbacks in "Tokyo Trial", the flashbacks made me want to vomit, I have become less and less demanding of shooting techniques. At least, when I watched "2:37", I was still very comfortable. However, I prefer Gus Van Sant's lonely and speechless long shots. Such shots can talk. I prefer the metaphorical emotions he pinned on the undulating wheat fields and the end of the continuous and sad road. I prefer such literary self-evident shots.
"2:37" is good at telling, some of which are too chatty, and some are angered by people and gods, but there are too many words, but they feel empty.

The announcement of the ending is quite unexpected, and this ending is a very meticulous finishing touch. The men and women who come and go in the 6 shots each have their own pains and their own secrets that cannot be expressed, but I always believe that the pain that can be told is not the most painful. They can say it to the camera, to a certain extent, even if the pain is still there, but the pressure brought by it is relieved, and the most unexpected camera lens of kelly just appears with other people's faces, and these few minutes In her, someone told her to go away, someone just took the tissue she passed away, she watched others walk away, she watched others laugh on their shoulders, she watched others cry alone, she watched others quarrel loudly, this In the world, everyone depends on what happened to others, but she seems to be forgotten in a corner, no one cares. In this school, everyone was scolding and mourning for their pain. She was locked in the toilet alone, crying loudly, and stabbed her wrist in desperation, bleeding all over the floor. The pain of others, at least the collision between people. She is just alone. We can see her wounds. Until the last spotlight, she was still hiding her injuries. Lying in a pool of blood with the most insurmountable pain.

After 76 minutes and 13 seconds, the impression begins to be deep.

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