rolling in the dust

Leda 2022-11-22 18:28:54

On the night of May 6th

<2h37>, the poster was a girl with a bag curled up. Not many ratings. Because it's an Australian-made movie, it's considered unpopular, right? The film is also known as "Australia's", although I haven't seen it.

Lush green leaves. Breeze blows. Lively high school campus. Hip-hop boy. Closed white door. Blood under the door. It is now 2:37 pm.

This is the title. So the time goes back to before... (Many netizens said that they really want to know who committed suicide, I am not curious, just watch it quietly.)

Marcus: In five years, you'll be serving me at Mcdonalds, It's a comforting thought.
A boy who has lived with his parents' expectations since he was a child, with extremely high expectations and a father's non-perfect standard, M's heart has formed self-suggestion, and psychological shadows follow him. When he got the best 87 points in his class, he asked the teacher to give him a higher 90 points, slamming doors, cursing and screaming at his classmates "just you don't understand!" Yes, they don't I will understand, so there is no need to tell others how depressed and manic I am. Seeing parents making love in the living room as a child, he said, "I just thought.. it's not disgusting, I don't know why."

Although he was a victim of surviving in such an environment, crime is just like that produced. He raped his sister Melody. He's just a little cold, he needs a little warmth, to release his lust, and it's been since he was 13...that's all. But in my opinion, this is an unforgivable sin.
In other words, there is no sin that can be forgiven in the world, lol.

Melody:I want to travel ,get as far as possible.
This is a good girl. Like animals, like small life, that everything has a reason to exist. She is a young girl who has a crush on the handsome Luke, a childhood sweetheart. This is a beautiful and ordinary little thing. However, at home, she could not feel the hope given by her family. They always gave her something like "take good care of her brother". She felt that she was not valued, even if she got an outstanding performance. Maybe it's the same sex. She is attached to her mother in the family, but her mother's departure makes her almost desperate. In the phone call with my mother, the polite greeting and the cadenced tone, but I havetily hung up with the emotionless "I love you". Her world was supposed to be peaceful, but after being raped by Marcus, her world came crashing down. What followed was an incestuous pregnancy, the pressure of study, violent treatment, and physical pain... That scene impressed me: Melody walked out of the classroom after learning about her incestuous pregnancy, but was grabbed by Marcus, and Marcus left. After that, she stood there alone, crying so loudly, so loudly, almost screaming, almost desperate, and almost dying. At that moment, I was envious and sympathetic to her, sincerely.

Luke: There are sonme things you just don't talk about.
Luke may be the athletic man we usually see on campus, and a handsome guy who is widely favored and loved by girls. But hidden in his heart is the fact that he has never told anyone that he is gay. In school, he is handsome and shiny, has a beautiful and cute little girlfriend, is a big boy who is humorous and a little arrogant, and even gets his satisfaction by bullying Steven. But in front of Sean, he can only escape, but the world is so small, and if he escapes, where can he escape. In the toilet, he kisses Sean, pushes Sean away, and yells at Sean—"fu.cking you!" He's still too weak, too timid, and doesn't have the same fearless spirit as Sean. This contradiction between appearance and heart is doomed to his unhappiness.

Seemingly perfect boy, his heart was trampled by the world in a mess. The so-called life?

Sean:people are afraid of dying.I'm not.
To be honest, Sean is one of my favorite people in this film. He can be straightforward, bold or not afraid of death (laughs). He said that apart from life is death, I think death is nothing to be afraid of, people are afraid of death, I am not afraid. He smoked opium and had a gay relationship with Luke. He doesn't pay attention to other people, others regard him as a lunatic, but Luke can tolerate him, when others curse him, he will accept the curse with a smile and then curse "fu.cking you". But every time he plays, his heart hurts a lot, and he feels that his heart is so cold, so cold, so warm and so warm.

What impressed me was the scene: after he was pushed away by Luke, he ran into the dark room, smashed things, yelled, and cried. Crying so helpless and helpless, I suddenly felt that this boy was not that bad, he just needed a little warmth.

Sarah: I just like the idea of ​​being in love.
Sarah may be the simplest girl in the film, she just wants love, but in this world, love may be the easiest or the hardest to get. Her love for Luke was too heavy, she thought Luke could give her a lifetime, she even thought they would get married and live a happy and harmonious life. Unfortunately, her love is gay. This girl is beautiful and always thought Luke had a reason for choosing her among the girls in the school and was proud of it. Perhaps, this honor is the driving force for her life and love.

Luke never only kissed her without talking too much. When Luke pushed her away, she just walked away silently, walked over to the windowsill to watch Luke leave, and sobbed.

Steven: This shit always seem to hit the fan, but never hits me.
Steven is an incontinent boy with double urethra and congenitally long and short legs. This defect made him often fall into embarrassment, and without friends, he walked down the stairs silently. In this film, probably the only really strong person is this seemingly weak boy who is always ridiculed and excluded. He doesn't cry when something happens, which is awesome. Can restrain his mood, and carry a bag of clothes and diapers to class every day in order to live on this campus, he has superb drawing skills. This boy is really strong, stronger than everyone. I like him.

Each of them seems to have enough reasons to seek the redemption of death, but at the moment of 2h37, the one who died in the snow-white room was another girl-Kelly,

this girl silently walked past where the 6 of them were. The scene is just to see the scenery all the way. She is a very cheerful girl with a beautiful smile every day, she doesn't seem to be bothered. She cares about others, even reaching out to Steven, asking Marcus about his knot, hoping to redeem any of them. What is different from the other 6 people is that these 6 people live in their own little world, they have so-called ulterior secrets, and they have unimaginable heartbreaks and pains, but they have never cared about others; But Kelly is different. She has the power of a lover, but no one can accept her. The film does not explain the reason for her suicide, which is probably the director's intention. But I think if there is really a reason, then it is probably the indifference of people's hearts. No one accepts her.

Everyone has a story, everyone has a past. This is a world that no one else can touch, a world that belongs only to oneself. Kelly, however, wanted to step into this world. As a passerby in those shots, she quietly felt the pain of everyone in her heart, and finally, she walked out of this world. Coming to the extremely pure white room, crying helplessly, she picked up the scissors. After hesitating for a few times, I still used scissors to puncture the artery. The screen was full of blood like spraying water, and it quickly flowed all over the floor. At that moment, I covered my mouth in front of the screen. The red, enchanting and beautiful blood bloomed under the girl's body, full of sadness and unforgettable. At 2:37, she lay in her own blood, the blood dripping on the ground gave off a fresh smell, her young face and light blond hair were stained with blood, she could not choose life, she chose death actively and herself.

I personally think the most quintessential part of the film is what Melody said to Kelly about suicide: "She was in my brother's music class. I guess...what I can really say is...she's lucky...really...really lucky ." When I saw this, my heart was very depressed and depressed. Also very emotional.

There was a person who had the same experience as me. When I saw the experience and pain of that person, I remembered my own memories and cried after reading every paragraph about this person. , until late at night, I kept repeating this sentence "I guess...what I can really say is...she's lucky...really...really lucky.", I don't know is to comfort myself What, or forget the memories? Ah. The mood is similar to the extreme, and suddenly I feel that whether it is these people, myself or the people who exist like them in the world, they really live like dust.

Jason said, we will fall in love with movies that resonate. I do love it - <2h37>. (The director of the PS film made it in honor of a friend named Kelly, so this is not a fiction movie, welcome to the reality.)

If the world is dust, then We are part of the dust.

We are all the same, rolling in the dust, but we can never get over it, because in this, we are already dust.

Living small, rolling strong, fighting - this world.

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