Biopics become hero films

Orland 2022-09-18 15:11:55

This film should have been a biopic that honestly reflects history, expanding from the personal experience of a "big traitor" to the distortion of good and evil and human nature in history. The first 30 minutes of the movie did a good job, basically doing all of the above.
However, since the story of the little hero and male protagonist began to diverge, the focus of the story shifted. The focus of the film jumped from the biography of the great traitor to the feature film "Black Book", which tells the story of the little hero of the resistance organization betrayed by the traitor who overcomes the distrust of his comrades and proves his innocence to catch the real murderer. Even if this reversal can be accepted by the audience, the reason for the reversal is really unconvincing: because the little hero personally participated in the operation of stealing 10,000 ID cards that led to the arrest.
This logic is equivalent to saying that the little hero first betrayed the revolution, then led his comrades into the tiger's den to steal 10,000 ID cards, and then led the SS to betray the entire organization. If he wanted to betray the organization, why didn't he do it while he was stealing the ID? Or why not just storm the secret base with the SS? The little hero has so many rhetorical questions and 10,000 ID cards to defend, and he doesn't need the confessions of Liphagen and the Jewish girl at all. This is because the screenwriter made it up to make the big traitor survive. The story was told so casually that when the little hero finally raised his gun to escort Liphagen, he ended the story with such a sloppy shot.
The character descriptions are very face-to-face. Basically, there is no change in each character, and they are all focused on sticking to their own track. The little hero is revengeful as always, and Rip Hagen is greedy as always, but the Jewish girl's character is very interesting. What should she do, how to choose, the screenwriter will even add a love scene to her and the little hero-may be filmed here Found this story even better! However, it dawned on me that I am now making a biopic.
A great start but a sloppy ending, and the plot is very much like The Black Book. I recommend everyone to watch it, but only recommend everyone to see the old Jewish lady committing suicide with a hairpin, the performance is very good, a kind of deep despair.

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