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A popular documentary. Record the process of four babies of different cultures, races, backgrounds, and genders from birth to one year old. The four babies are from Namibia, Mongolia, Tokyo, Japan, and San Francisco, USA.

I said before that children are one of my weak spots, so this film became softer and softer in my heart, and the laughter continued; but at the end of the film, the current situation of the babies was shown - the African babies sang with laughter, and the Mongolian babies faced the wind on the plain Standing, the Japanese baby and the American baby suddenly grew long hair, put on a small skirt, and grew into a beautiful little girl - I felt very moved and cried, I don't know why. The power of growth is great. The innocent eyes, cheerful smiles, and helpless crying of children are even more lethal.

, 2010.

African baby
I have always thought that black babies are the cutest in terms of appearance. Big flat head, bulging belly, black and white eyes, flat nose, thick lips, round arms and legs, fat butt, like a little gorilla. Therefore, the African baby in this film naturally likes it very much.

But looking at African babies, my heart is always sour, because of the near-original reproductive process and the sanitation conditions are too poor. But after discussing it with Rong Rong, thinking about it, I am a jerk, and I shouldn't look at the happiness of others from my own standpoint. African babies grow strong, smile happily, and are no less sad than Japanese and American babies.

I love watching the African baby learn to walk with the top of the jar, watching her laugh while listening to music and learning to rock, and watching her check for dicks. African babies grow among many brothers and sisters. Some of them can climb trees and are close to nature.

Mongolian baby
Mongolian baby is a little boy and my favorite among the four babies. The smartest, funniest, bravest, and most personal. And the happiest, often laughing for no reason. Love this, like me.

Mongolian baby interacts with animals the most, and cats, roosters, sheep, and cattle grow up with him. Their cats are so obedient that they are dragged around willingly by the leash around their necks.

Mongolian baby's brother always bullies him, and the interaction between the two of them is very interesting. Mongolian babies also like to bully others. In Xiaoxiao's words, when they grow up, they will be Mongolian men.

When the Mongolian baby was born, I took a full mirror, including the light blue umbilical cord that was still attached. I didn't expect the baby to be born with slippery amniotic fluid. I've seen it all washed clean.

Mongolian babies are also very close to nature, crawling in the prairie, and being in the company of animals.

Japanese baby
Japanese baby is the most squeamish among them and loves to cry. Go to the zoo to see tigers cry too. Crying when playing with toys.

Compared with African and Mongolian babies, the loneliness of only children is obvious. Although they are loved by thousands, they are still deserted.

The scene where the Japanese baby learns to stand up is very beautiful.

However, the quality of life in Japan is much higher than I imagined. Although I know that Japan is a country with a developed economy and advanced technology, I still feel that it is not very different from my country in terms of perceptual understanding; in addition, in the Japanese dramas and comics I have seen, the characters' living standards are also low, and the housing is crowded and cramped, such as "Wild Boar". The Great Transformation". This time, I was really surprised to see real Japanese middle-class people.

And Japanese mothers are so beautiful and can wear clothes. It is a beautiful landscape to take the baby out. Taking their children to parent-child classes, all Japanese mothers are beautiful and decent.

I wish I was like a Japanese mother. Even if you have a baby, you must pay attention to your image, be beautiful and fashionable, and never allow yourself to become a yellow-faced woman. I hope my baby will show off to the children that his mother is beautiful and loves him/her. So happy and proud to have such a mother.

American babies
American babies are similar to Japanese babies. They grew up in the city, and have a rich and splendid living environment. Too much manual intervention, but less personality and fun.

But American Dad is funny. Put the child's car frame on the slide, and the baby slipped down unexpectedly and continued to move at a high speed. He chased after him and failed to catch up. action.

Typical child growth pattern.

In the 10th episode of the 5th season of CSI, a middle-aged black prostitute starved her child to death, and the little black child was also very painful, which made people feel tangled. Sara said: To starve anyone is beyond me, but to do it to a child, is unforgivable.

Children and animals are the only pure and innocent things in this chaotic world, we can only treat them kindly.

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