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Alana 2022-10-19 21:43:36

Kelly, the most optimistic looking of them all, committed suicide.

"2h37" is very similar to "elephant", a high school, some students, daily KY, everything is developing in accordance with the rules.
But the fundamental meaning of the two films is the opposite.
Saw the explanation for elephant, from a German proverb 'When the elephant enters the house. 'Metaphor when the impossible happens.
And 2:37 tells us more clearly that it is a time when a life ends.

A comforting kiss can save a teenage soul, and an 'im fine' may make a lively soul feel useless.

You can jump out of a classroom window and easily escape a shooting; you can cut your skin with scissors, and blood spurts instantly from an artery... Did

Kelly die because she couldn't realize her self-worth, or because she was too strong and vulnerable Also very obvious?

I didn't think about it carefully, and I don't understand it either.

A person who says he wants to commit suicide every day is also the person who has the least courage to commit suicide. On the contrary, an optimistic person may lose his life overnight.

In the end, maybe you will get a sentence 'she was my friend..' from almost a stranger, and it will
also be exchanged for the indifferent sentence 'I knew her' from someone who has a deep crush on her, and
it will also be commented by someone who has worked harder than me.' ...she's lucky...really...really lucky.' It's

just that life is over and there is no future. Such a decision may mean a lot to one person, but it doesn't matter to others.

Comparing these two films is because I saw the same story with different endings.
It is the desire of life and the pursuit of death.

It is still an unfinished feeling, and there are still many hidden resonances in my heart, but I can't write it out, it would be very cowardly.

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