I just finished being moved~Write an unwritten random thought~

Haley 2022-07-12 16:10:28

Just talk about unwritten thoughts~

I think the two models of the United States and Namibia should be the most beneficial to the growth of children among these families. Babies in Namibia are directly involved in the lives of adults and can learn to integrate into the social environment naturally from older peers. American parents attach great importance to interacting with their children patiently, peeling bananas, swimming, and the child hitting the mother in the face and then the mother takes out a book to remind the child... At the same time, they do not spoil the child, and fall and suffer when learning to walk. baby himself.

The nature of that Mongolian baby is really good! Optimistic, curious, and not annoyingly clever and small-tempered (when he was bullied by his brother, he had no temper at first, and finally he couldn't bear it until he pretended to cry a few times), and he was also able to endure loneliness, and he knew how to have fun since he was a child. In fact, he is the one who is least concerned by his parents among the four children, and he grows up entirely by his own exploration.

I don't like the Japanese baby in the film... Since I was a child, I have been so ill-tempered, and even if I can't play, I have to cheat... Just like the Mongolian baby wants to attract the attention of her parents by crying, she also has her own way of attracting the attention of the parents. . But it's not as cute and natural as Mongolian babies at all~ Japanese babies get attention by throwing things... It's quite destructive. Although Japanese parents take their children to the park and parent-child classes, they do not really treat their children as independent individuals to take care of her psychological development. Children seem more like an extra accessory, or a new way of socializing.

After watching the video, I don't know why I feel that all kinds of parent-child classes are ridiculous... The beneficiaries of parent-child classes seem to be only parents. From the children's point of view, they are basically unfamiliar with the parent-child training designed by these adults...

At the end of the film, after a lot of hard work, the Mongolian baby finally stood proudly on the prairie against the wind - it's so domineering!

Babies are the most beautiful things in this world. After watching this film, maybe more women will be tempted to bring such beauty to the world in person~~

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