"Sunshine Baby"

Berenice 2022-07-12 10:35:29

After watching the documentary of "Sunshine Baby" in one go, I was deeply attracted by the innocence and cuteness of the four babies when I watched the preview. The babies are in the beginning stage of the long road of life, and they have not yet been invaded by this chaotic and polluted world. Clear eyes, truly restore the most original simple face of life, and release the great power of shocking people!

There is no narration in the whole film. The jumping and joyful soundtrack provides the most accurate annotations for the growth of the babies. The warm and sweet notes are all long and vivid because of the innocence of life! At the moment of birth, babies are all moving little angels, with the most pure, kind, warm and beautiful original intentions; the first yawn, the first eye opening, the first cry, the first smile, To the first time standing, they are all recorded by the film one by one: these are the first times that have long been lost and forgotten in the memory of life, but are especially precious and beautiful!

Four different regions on the earth: the raw and barren land in Africa, the magnificent grasslands in Mongolia, the busy and rich urban life in Japan, and the prosperous and prosperous environment in the United States are objectively shown in the film! There is no narration to give any judgment, we need to feel the advantages and disadvantages of different living environments on the growth of children!

It is not that the material conditions are rich, the babies must have the most superior and unparalleled mental growth environment! Even if the busy urbanites provide their babies with various high-end toys and take them to various types of characteristic early education courses, it is difficult to make up for the loneliness and loneliness of the young minds of urban babies; instead, they grow up under the embrace of nature. The babies of ours have extraordinarily brave and cheerful hearts, blending with the blue sky and white clouds, the vastness and vastness, creating the tough part of their characters like bones!

It's just that when we see the chaotic and harsh living environment in Africa, it is inevitable to feel pity for the health of African babies; we who can grow up in a healthy and peaceful environment are actually so rich, in contrast, our daily self-pity depression and agitation appear So small and humble.

The lively African baby; the tiger-like Mongolian baby; the cute crying Japanese baby; the quiet and curious American baby, each is unique and unique! Accompanied by the lovable little animals around them, all kinds of indescribable and interesting things happened. Their little actions for no reason, their little temper for no reason, and their casual and candid laughter filled all the people in the world. Pure and beautiful!

Originally, I didn’t believe that human beings are created equal, and believed that we have equal rights only when we face death; seeing babies growing up in world-widely different environments have the same smiling faces and the same happiness; I couldn’t help but feel Thinking again, maybe before they understand the sufferings and dangers of this world and the bleakness of fate, they are equal, enjoy the innocence of ignorance on an equal footing, and bring them a short time of incomparable happiness! Whether babies love to cry or laugh, are delicate and willful, or are strong and independent, the initial beauty always flows through the body and mind like a gurgling warm current, which penetrates into the heart and spleen, making people extremely warm and moving.

At the end of the film, seeing that every baby has grown up healthy and happy, I am relieved to feel that although the world is far from perfect, the warm sunshine brought by the little lives is enough to dispel the darkness and sadness of people's hearts. It is every family day. The rising sun of hope.

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