Your first time is HUA or BA

Willow 2022-09-22 05:32:39

The first time I opened my eyes, the first time I cried, the first time I laughed, the first time I crawled around, the first time I tapped to eat, the first time I learned to stand up on my calf, the first time I walked around. . . . . . .

Two chocolate babies snatching things on the African grassland
A cat being dragged around in a yurt
A European baby smiling in the mirror
A big bee buckled on a Japanese baby's arm A
European kitchen training a baby to dance ballet steps and an astronaut-like hanger
African baby Sitting, dozing, swaying, the land fell down, Mongolian
baby, sitting on the carpet, entertaining himself, babbling, babbling, yurt ,
baby, holding up a white jar and splashing himself with water Taking a bath, the goat father-in-law visits you and drinks the water from your PP. The Mongolian baby stands up and has to drag a conquered prisoner to be his daughter-in- law . Che Ran regretted and turned his head over , Mongolian baby standing under the blue sky and white clouds like a cowboy laughing proudly African children playing with soil and water and sand playing with themselves and the stars for company crawling around on the ground when mother was working The rhythm is the best lullaby. The first time I stand, I am happy. European children play with toys. I get the most intimate care at every step of growth. I am hugged by my baby. Tie it in a stroller under the shower head for the first time after the bicycle, stand up on a chair and regret walking like a disco Mongolian child has been sleeping on the bed, tied up, slept tight for a day and played with myself I went home with my bicycle and sat on horseback to participate in the ceremony. I stood up for the first time and conquered a toy horse. I grabbed the chick next to me and said hum, you are my woman.

Japanese babies are either pushed around by their mothers and take them here to take part in parent-child education they don't like, go to the zoo to see big tigers and gorillas, or are bored with a lot of hard toys and go crazy for the first time standing up It's a man wiggling around on the wide lawn as if dancing

The cat in the yurt is a kitten used to abuse it is born and continues to be abused The cat at home in Europe is the African baby who teases the baby Playing with the dog White and black Japanese babies have nothing to play with

babies I am happiest when I am crawling up and

down. The world I see upside down can't go forward. It can only go backwards.


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