A very interesting documentary about parenting methods, which makes people think

Shannon 2022-10-08 16:29:36

I just watched this documentary and it was really shocking! There is not a single line in the whole film, and there are no subtitles at all except for the location and names of people. Relying on the record of the real scene, everything is silent!

African baby: Growing up in nature, it is almost like an animal, pure natural, no need to wear clothes, not to mention no diapers, not even diapers, no tissue to wipe the buttocks, and the stool is wiped on the mother's legs , then rub the legs with the corn on the cob. . . The living environment is terrible. For a baby, it is always worrying to watch, such as stuffing whatever you pick up on the ground into your mouth, animal bones, but in the end he is fine, and when babies in other countries are still learning to walk, he is already learning to walk. Walking with things, my God, I can't do this right now!

Mongolian baby: The candle package shocked me when I was born, and the nurse even tightened it several times! My God, it's a good thing we don't have candle bags anymore, it's so inhumane. And the baby was tied to the foot of the bed with a rope, just like a puppy. . . Sitting in the tub, a goat drinks his bath water from behind, and the baby looks back very calmly. . . The baby's older brother often bullies the baby and often takes care of the baby. Once my brother pushed the baby's cart on the grassland and placed it among a group of cows, and the baby looked around innocently. . . The last ending is the Mongolian baby. He is the slowest among the four to learn to walk. Finally, on the prairie, he finally stood up on his own strength!

Babies in Japan: Babies in Tokyo are far away from nature. She was taken to the zoo by her mother, and when she saw the tiger through the glass, the little girl cried. Japan's characteristic is family nursery schools, and basically mothers take care of their babies full-time. Straps are very common. It seems that they are learning to use suspenders before they are born. That dad tried to hold the baby to play with the computer, but the baby was writhing around and wreaking havoc, hehe. There was a scene where the baby was sitting in the middle of a pile of toys, rolling and crying. At that time, I thought, the baby is too lonely and wants a partner. Why doesn't the adult show up? What amazes me is why Japanese babies have such obvious looped legs when they just learn to walk?

American babies: American babies probably have the most types of baby equipment and the most early childhood education. The baby is also very active and walks very early. Dad played the slide for the baby riding the car, I guessed that the baby would fall, and it turned out to be a dog chewing shit, hehe. When the baby eats bananas, peeling the peel of the bananas is very serious. In the end, they are all peeled. She does not forget that there is a white tendon. If it is not rotten, I spit it out, then stuff it in again, and so on, until I finally find that I can’t eat it, so I spit it out and hand it to an adult. This child is educated and very civilized!

The four countries above have vastly different approaches to infant rearing and represent different cultures. We are currently approaching like the United States and Japan, and the countryside may be a bit like Mongolia, but basically Africa is hard to imagine. Anyway, everyone grew up well. Take a look at this film and think about it. In fact, is it sometimes unnecessary for us to be less obsessed with parenting methods?

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