On the importance of the two-child policy

Pete 2022-09-22 23:05:04

After watching the documentary, the first feeling is that I really want to have a baby. Even though I've only just reached childbearing age, my boyfriend doesn't even know where he's hanging out, and the four cute little babies sitting in rows are so strong and soft that my heart is a mess.
The African chocolate baby's round and big eyes are bright and energetic, and when he smiles, his mouth is wide open, revealing neat little white teeth. The Mongolian butter milk tea baby is full of energy, and the facial features are simple and honest. Japanese strawberry baby has its own sweet taste, and the small eyes and nose unique to Asians. American milk baby's big eyes with blue pupils, blinking long eyelashes and shimmering milk muscles. How lucky are the four little babies. The once-in-a-lifetime infancy that most people forget is captured in the eyes of romantic French directors.
Documenting growing up is a poetic romance in itself. The first time that countless people are shining bright, green and sweet, like small green beans that have just taken off their coats and sprouted milky white stems.
Hattie, from San Francisco, USA, was the first to try to open her eyes. The eyelids couldn't help, and before they opened, they made myself laugh first, with a small mouth, and a soft little tongue rolled up.
Ponijao, from Opuwo, Namibia, Africa, had his first haircut, with a small potato-like head caught between his mother's legs. A long knife rubbed against the head, and Ponijao resisted with all his might, and his strong little arm was already able to support it with his backhand. Afterwards, the head was smeared with red slurry, like a lovely ball dipped in sauce.
Bayar from Bayan Chandman, Mongolia has always been a packaged small zongzi. When he was born, he was wrapped in cotton cloth with blue background and white flowers in the same way as a gift. The white cloth was tightly tied twice. When I grew up, I wore small brown clothes in the color of Shaanxi men and lay in a red bag. A healthy and powerful baby is the best gift from God to a mother.
Mari from Tokyo, Japan is an authentic Japanese city girl, tender, childish and cute. It was the first time I saw the night scene of the city's neon lights, and the first time I saw the dazzling supermarket. I opened my curious eyes and walked around.
DNA gives the baby different skin colors and physical qualities, and the difference in the first foothold across the universe to the world gives the baby a different growth environment. In addition to seeing the cuteness of the four babies, for this documentary, more attention may be paid to their very different growth patterns.
About companionship. African baby Bayar has the most complex and diverse interpersonal network. The mother who has been putting him on her chest, at least 5 or more siblings of all ages, when he climbs up to a certain person, someone grabs him and puts him on the body. The kind of intimacy. Mongolian baby Bayar has an older brother who fights and takes care of him, a sister who pulls him, a big obedient cat, and a herd of cattle and sheep. American baby Hattie and Japanese baby Mari are a little lonely. As an only child in a developed country, the first acquaintances are the babies tied to their mothers' arms in early childhood classes. In a scene that made a deep impression, Mari was lying on her stomach and playing with toys in the room. After a while, she began to cry, staring at her short legs, and no one paid any attention. When encountering children in the park, he makes a high-pitched cry like a little hedgehog.
Love comes from a sense of security and belonging. For everyone, the sense of security is companionship, and the sense of belonging is the fetters generated by relationship interaction. Small quarrels between brothers are necessary, mother's caress is necessary, and cold toys cannot meet the needs of temperature.
As a child in a rural area, the families around me are almost always one sister and one younger brother. As children, we quarreled, fought, and scrambled without exception. Every day, loud cries and shouts waft from the windows of every household. When I grew up, my sister began to learn to tolerate her younger brother, and the younger brother gradually became a little man who wanted to protect her sister. Later, the relationship could not be more intimate, and the hearts of each other missed each other.
Documentary is an interesting subject, and as an honest documenter, it often presents multiple themes. Let the baby be accompanied by relatives as much as possible in infancy, and guide them to learn love and tolerance in friction.

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