Hey baby

Morgan 2022-10-10 00:30:32

Some characters are really brought out from the womb.

Giving birth is indeed a miraculous and sacred thing. The innocent laugh and unreasonable cry of a baby have the magic power of cuteness, and the temper of a child is really innate.

Mari can't stand being ignored, so she cries and puffs when she can't play; Bayar plays alone, throwing a roll of paper, and a bucket can also play happily; Hattie looks like a Virgo from eating bananas; I like ponijao, the eyes are so big and bright, the smile is so innocent, and I feel that the character is also very good;

Although there is a lot in the living environment and cultural environment, but children are not always very innocent and happy, from sitting, to crawling, crawling quickly, to standing, standing and walking, and Trot, I think it's all good.

Children can be carefree and express their emotions at will. Maybe this is what makes adults envious of children. Adults, who do not have something hidden in their hearts, everyone is a classmate with a story.

The biggest characteristic of children is that they are real, and it is a documentary, which can be considered very realistic. In short, after reading it, I feel warm in my heart, I like it very much.

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