Feel free

Ida 2022-10-13 10:05:50

After watching the film, I remembered the memory that I lost when I was born. It turns out that I also grew up like them from an ugly, wrinkled, can't speak, can only lie down, full of curiosity about everything around me, but one day I will crawl Now, although it may be soft and uncontrollable at the beginning, but gradually become more and more proficient and can speak, from the alien language at the beginning to the simple father, mother, learning to play tricks, when I am impatient , wronged, kicking his calf, crying with all his strength, from one end to the other, looking at the little Japanese girl, trying to stand, but failed the first time, and then quickly got up, trembling Stand up, just put your hands up like that, stand there quietly, with a smug smile on your face, I am also moved from the bottom of my heart and cheer for her, baby, you are awesome.
They will be gone, they will grow up, and the film is coming to an end, but I feel some inexplicable loss.

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