Soft and heart-wrenching "Babies"

Santina 2022-09-23 10:28:51

After reading "Babies", the growth records of four children from birth to one year old in different cultures on four continents.

From the clips presented, it can be seen that the living environment of children in Namibia, Africa is really worrying. They have no education due to the harsh natural conditions. They are completely primitive like animals. You can still have fun playing with the big yellow dog, but I hope I can help them and change their living conditions.

I think Mongolian children are the happiest. They have their brothers to play with, and there are so many more. Animals that live together have released their nature from childhood and grow up optimistically and strongly;

Japanese only children are impatient and short-tempered when they are less than one year old. This should be raised in the womb of the mother, so how important is prenatal education, and I think the so-called parent-child class is all to satisfy some of the parents' imaginations, so small children seem out of place in the environment created by adults;

relatively speaking, American children are also a kind of free-range education, cultivating children's independence, not spoiling, Dare to let go.

Having said so much, I am still thinking about the baby in Namibia with little JJ playing in the soil, and what kind of world those big eyes see. .

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