The child itself is a miracle

Davon 2022-10-01 17:14:19

First of all, I am very grateful for the appearance of this work. I think the real intention of the director to make this film is not about the comparison of rich and poor, the comparison of regional environments, and the comparison of education methods. What it really wants to say is the birth and growth of children. But as an adult, this film is always given a lot of meanings about material things, and I really don't agree with it.

Of the four babies, I like the African black baby the most, even though the environment he is in is primitive and dirty, his father never shows up, his mother doesn't play with him... These are not the director's themes. The child is the protagonist, and the child is the soul of this documentary. African babies are very cute, curious about everything, do not cry, play with small animals happily, have bright eyes, and are really sunny babies when they smile. Africa is such an environment. He grew up with nature since he was a child. I think he is lucky. There is never a shortage of people around him. His mother will always accompany him. Without a mother, he also has some brothers and brothers. He has always been by his side with these two things, man and nature. He's so cute standing and dancing in the back haha.

The material environment of Japanese babies is very good, but there is not much company with parents, especially lack of communication. Later, when she couldn't play with toys, she lost her temper and died of laughter.

The picture of the Mongolian baby standing up in the last scene is really beautiful, the heart is soft in the poke... The baby is really strong, he is all on his own, and he is accompanied by the cattle and sheep grasslands, the grassland air is really good.

The American baby is the happiest. Parents respect his independent personality and educate him. They usually accompany and communicate with each other, and they are all taken care of by their fathers. This is very rare in China.

A documentary, that is, a documentary, what is recorded, what is the theme, when you see this, you think how important the material foundation is, and how bad the African environment is, it is all personal opinion, and it also reflects your own thinking and cognition, please don’t give it. This documentary is marked with material colors, I wish these four babies a happy and healthy growth! I also need to thank everyone who has paid for this documentary. Children themselves are miracles.

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