hi this universe that I'm still flashing

Chesley 2022-10-13 01:29:39

I often feel the importance of reincarnation. Looking at the film, I suddenly felt that the concept of "I" only existed after birth? "Reincarnation" defaults to "past life", and "past life" is not recognized or believed by me, so before we have the consciousness of "I", we are a living organism without concept and consciousness, and there is no choice in birth. From the dimension of social history, there may be a high and low quality of life, and the chances of what has been experienced and changed will be recorded in the annals of history and will be remembered by future generations are also very different. But in the process of a living being from fertilized egg to cardiac arrest, we just happen to be in the four-dimensional coordinate system of the world and time as a point that never coincides, light up and dim for a period of time. The people of later generations repeat this process of brightening and dimming at a new position in this coordinate system, which is different from any previous generation. Similar scenery may be seen in similar positions, but various encounters have caused some of them to move their positions to near or far positions, but in the end they will not have any coincidence with any point, and the point is the same as the one. No matter how close the points are, you will never see exactly the same scenery. What can we hold on to before we fade away? Since there is no choice, I just want to get all the good and the bad, the beautiful, the ugly, the happy and the sad as far as possible before the bleak, (or before my own dementia? Maybe because of some uncontrollable factors...) Pupils, poured into ears, bumped against the skin, slipped across the throat, and then took the pose that I liked: bye~this universe I've been to~

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