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Three Minute Tarot Reading | How do you make sure that your values ​​of freedom and happiness are not always a reason to escape? ♥ 25,000 copies of "Long March for Lifetime Reading" | No. 5, 551 Book 〖Taroting Reading〗 Yingzi ○|● Reading Home ● How do you determine that your values ​​of pursuing freedom and happiness are not the reason for escaping all the time? ①Film Festival: "The Ship of Theseus" ↓ ②Card Array: Knights of the Holy Grail↓ ③Book List: "Postcards from the Sea" Victoria Hislop↓ ④Songbook: "If All Stars" Theseus↕ ① ○ I like it recently The last Indian movie - "The Ship of Theseus". The bittersweet ending of the story leaves one's heart empty. We are always troubled by the uncertainty of premature life and unexpected death. On the way to come, death has been presented before. Memorials to the men and women who died by the roadside, heralding the upcoming funeral. The ship of Theseus is an elegy for truth, goodness and beauty, which is more fleeting than life. №1 The "animal protectionist" Zen master who received liver transplantation - the reality of the liver metaphor. Through his lifelong study of meditation, all things are spiritual, and the spiritual transcendence of the equality of all beings makes him believe in the enlightenment of the immortality of the soul and even the high truth when he faces death. Some things remain after a person dies: all the karma you have accumulated, and possibly a little wisdom, survives immortality. But on the other hand, maybe like a switch: pop! Then you are gone. When you're in a death spiral, falling and falling, the truth will help you decide on the switch. But even in heaven, death is always at hand. All values ​​that pursue freedom and happiness have been escaping. №2 A young man who received a kidney transplant "Justice for the Kidney Stolen" - the goodness of the kidney metaphor. Hatred, deceit, death or tragedy are all common causes for the ruin of the flesh. And all the efforts and struggles to repair the body wreckage are pleasing to the eye in the sun. What we seek is often a fantasy that is satisfying to ourselves and others. The truth can only be discovered after going deep into the glamorous charity. №3 The 'blind' photographer who received a corneal transplant - the metaphorical beauty of the eye. If the appreciation of beauty is an innate ability, it is strange why nature only grants this ability to very few people, even for a brief period of time, such as when a person becomes blind? Beauty is a short-lived tyrant, it is true. №4 The explorer who donated organs - the metaphorical icon of the cave. Only after the storm has passed, and the sun gushed out from behind the clouds, can you see the true beauty of the rainbow at sea - the whole Hongqiao, a clear insight into where the rainbow starts and ends. And what we have seen, heard, touched, and attached to, is just a blind man touching an elephant in the name of "The Ship of Theseus", deceiving himself. ↓ ② ○ Today’s keyword: Illusion. The corresponding tarot card is "Knight of the Holy Grail". The card describes a person's heightened interest in seeking enlightenment from love and wisdom. There are all kinds of love in the world, and one word "love" can't sum it up: love for God and family, love for friends, love for sexual attraction. If no one responds, all you will be given is more pain. Humanity has come a long way, seeking guidance in ritual. There are many alternatives to religious beliefs: feng shui, astrology, tarot cards, gazing at a crystal ball and seeing patterns formed by coffee grounds. We remain hopelessly hopeful for an uncertain future. The meaning of the card is that happiness cannot be found in others, and you cannot perfect yourself by finding another person. Only time is the doctor who can cure any illusion. This represents the power of healing. ↓ ③ ○ The book linked to today by the energy of the tarot card "Knight of the Holy Grail" is the novel "Postcards from the Sea" written by British best-selling author Victoria Hislop. ○ The tree turns the whole book. There are a few passages that are deeply felt: Christos once warned her to be careful of "wet witches" who live in caves deep in the rock. The island is rich in water, so moisture seeps through the stones, gushing out of the soil and dripping the walls of houses. The floor of this cave is a puddle, and it is said that the wet witch does not need to drink from her mouth because she uses her pores to absorb the water she needs. She was dripping with water, her transparent clothes clinging to her body. Often a group of boys would wander outside her door, hoping to see the contours of her hips and breasts. People said she could heal and curse, and lived on raw fish that she picked up from the waves with her hands. Except for some fishermen, most of them stayed away from her. Fishermen know that fish are cunning and cannot be held in their hands. They often brought her little fried fish they couldn't sell, hoping to spend an hour in the cave. Rumor has it that she sings with her pure and flawless voice before and after sex with them. The woman is completely awake from the nightmare. Antigone could see that her face was sculptural, with perfectly proportioned features. ○ Cover the volume for reflection. This is the insight of "eternal life" in the book: · Immortality "As time went on, real history, real events, started to be treated as myths and legends. People who listened didn't believe those were facts. But this thing, the first plane crash, did happen there." The fine feathers you see now come from the wings of Icarus..." Ariadne didn't let go of the feathers, which were too precious to her, but everyone came around and felt them. I never will Can't forget the silky feeling of the feather on my fingertips. I'll never forget this extraordinary woman. If I go back to Icarus in thirty years, she'll be there, still telling her story. She Her silver-grey hair was still thick and stiff, and her skin was still like that of a little girl. The daughter of King Minos, the real Ariadne, was found in Naxos after being cruelly abandoned by Theseus New love, where Bacchus fell in love with her and married her as queen. Another Greek myth about repairing a broken heart. Bacchus threw the crown of his beloved woman into the sky and it became a constellation, Corona star. He wants to make his woman eternal in this way. In Greece, ancient and modern, immortality and death are the eternal themes. In this country, you will meet death wherever you go. There are Death notices, cemeteries on the side of small villages, monuments on the side of the road. In these few months, I have become more aware of the existence of death than at any time in forty-five years. Of course, I have seen people challenge death to make their own Way to drink, dance, and love. After witnessing all the indulgence, I found that contempt is the best resistance. ↓ ④ When Phaethon loosened the reins (a part of the sky that burned down because of it, I can still see it now), And poor Icarus felt waxy feathers fall, and his father shouted "You're on the wrong track! "At that time, I believe I was not as afraid as I was at this time, when I was surrounded by nothing but monsters. He swam slowly, in circles, and gradually descended, but I didn't know, at that time only I felt the wind beating on my face and under my feet. On my right I could already hear the sound of the crashing waterfall coming from below; so I looked down, and I was even more frightened because I saw the fire below, Hearing the mourning below, my whole body trembled and shrank into a ball. Then I saw (not at first), our descent, our spiral movement, and all the most wicked men approached us from all sides. Like a Eagle, he has been flying for a long time, but he did not find a bird, so the eagle called out: "Ah! Are you down? "But he was tired, he had made hundreds of laps, and he could only stop in shame. Stopped, far away from his master. ——Dante's "The Divine Comedy·Inferno.XVII" If we were sparking stars We won't need to worry when we spark If we were sparking stars Someone would hold us when it comes The cold night draws a vacuum for a moment, clear and gentle walking slowly But the same immerses in our eyes If we are all stars, don't worry about when we will twinkle If we are all stars, someone will support me on the day when we are all stars If we are all stars, we are light-years away and can't hear the tide If we are all stars falling Tears won't let you see

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  • Maitreya: We are all blind men trying to see the elephant.

  • Charwaka: I always knew monks are closet drinkers but unfortunately liver cirrhosis is going to give you away.

    Maitreya: You know it should have more to do with intoxication than with drinking.