Vientiane cycle of change goes back and forth

Gregorio 2022-07-18 18:58:24

When I was 19, I hadn't read a few philosophy books, and my mind was barren, although it's pretty much the same now. At that time, I recorded this on Weibo:

"After reading it, I didn't understand what he wanted to convey. Because of organ donation, three unrelated people were strung together, and three different organs were gathered into the same person. This describes the story of these three people and this person. (emphasis added, there are actually 8 people), at the end of the film, they get together to watch the donor filmed his own life. After watching it, I only understood one thing - this is an organ donation promotional film , so that more people can donate organs.”

Then I added:

"Compared to watching a movie or reading a book, it is better to understand what the author wants to convey - the paradox of Theseus (assuming that the constituent elements of an object are replaced, but it is still the original object?), so it is a part of the body. After being replaced, are they still themselves?"

—————— Timeline ——————

But at the moment of the flash (additional note), perhaps I touched a slight edge of the film.

Indian philosophical films are very enlightening and make people think about the rhythm of life. They seem to have nothing to do with each other, but everyone has a bond between them. To a certain extent, through the value of life and death, they may be able to reach a higher dimension.

The picture evidence has been repeated above, so there is no need to look at the picture content.

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