child's dream

Hilma 2022-10-25 20:17:46

I remember that it was because I played that red and white machine game in the past that I tried to find something related to this game, and then I found this animated movie. As for this animated film, I later found out that it was adapted from a series of comics "Little Nemo" that was launched in the United States in the early 20th century. The author of this series of comics is Winsor McCay, who later released comics related to of a short film.
I haven't read the original manga, but I heard it's dark (from Wikipedia: it was far from a simple children's fantasy; it was often dark, surreal, threatening, and even violent), but according to This animated film adapted from the manga has really become a "dream adventure" about a child. And this film is very good to express the meaning of "thinking in the day, dreaming in the night". In the film, the characters that little Nemo met in the dream were all characters from the circus he saw during the day, and the plot clues running through the dream were actually the experience that Nemo had been discovered by his mother when he stole the cake from the refrigerator. Combining the previous experience of playing games, I also found that the classic characters that appeared in the original game were all from this animated movie.
In this film it is just a fairy tale about a child. I don't know what story the original manga told, but since I heard that the content of the manga is very dark, it is really difficult to imagine what kind of content will be in the manga from this film.

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