In his world ... all existing beings are equal.

Ewell 2022-07-18 18:36:20

In his world, not only all human(being)s are equal, but all existing beings are equal.
That is to say, to him not only human beings are equal, but not human beings are equal - as small as ants, as small as bacteria ,cell. This is the classic Jain teaching.

The court trial of the monk suing the medical organization for animal experimentation and animal cruelty was very gimmicky. The monk said that I cannot change the reality that animals are slaughtered for meat, but we must pay attention to the living conditions of all animals. The defendant complained that the animal sanctuary had been installed with air conditioners, and that the animals' living conditions were better than that of ordinary citizens of Mumbai. . . The monk insisted that he could not accept the living state of the experimental animals (--is it better if the air conditioner is used).

However, what the students asked was also very good—then you don’t see a doctor or take medicine to make yourself suffer, doesn’t it contradict your principle of not killing? The master was speechless—or whether he was speechless in pain, it was unknown. . . Cirrhosis of the liver is no longer an incurable disease in today's technologically advanced world. To die in pain because of such a minor disease is resisting medical treatment. Is it moksha or suicide?

The part about the Egyptian female photographer who received a cornea transplant is also very thought-provoking. . . To be honest, are our eyes really our own, or are they just a tool for expression, without this tool, maybe you can express better with other tools. . . The same goes for other parts. . . After all, we are the same. . . Well this is not a bit close to Christian thought.

In the Swedes' part, hypocritical - Asan often gives his own values ​​to others and even enemies for free, even if they don't deserve it at all.

The biggest sigh after watching it at the end: Asan's English is really good. Even if you are an English student here, you can understand that I call you Lord without reading the subtitles.

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