Isai 2022-11-08 16:59:58

Three deep stories are told, but each one feels like a shallow taste. The first story is about the reflection on the art of "photography" caused by the girl regaining her eyesight; the second story is about the product of "immortality" created by monks insisting on being "harmless", and the resulting spiritual crisis and Reflection; the third story, the test of "man" in the face of an extreme situation. Together, they constitute the metaphor of "Ship of Theseus", but it seems to be just brushing aside, which is too far from the philosophical proposition behind this metaphor.

It might be an inspiring image, but it's not a great story.

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Ship of Theseus quotes

  • Maitreya: We are all blind men trying to see the elephant.

  • Charwaka: I always knew monks are closet drinkers but unfortunately liver cirrhosis is going to give you away.

    Maitreya: You know it should have more to do with intoxication than with drinking.