flower of evil

Thurman 2022-07-10 22:31:14

If you have ever lost your future because of a trivial matter, do you think it was destined by God, or was it just an accident? Will you find another way out, or will you swear to the death to find the one who will harm you if you can't make it?

The story told by The Page Turner is like a short essay. As an audience, although I have been looking forward to the ending to turn things around, I am finally amazed at the ending that I don't want to see.

Déborah François, born in 1987, is a genius. At the age of 19, she plays a beautiful girl who loves to play the piano. Although her family is rich, she comes from a humble background. If God can give her a little more gift, her life may be rewritten. The little girl's tightly pursed lips after the game were filled with resentment and disappointment. It was a beautiful face with picturesque eyebrows and blond hair softly tied behind her ears, but the owner of this face couldn't control her own destiny, and her tomorrow was interrupted by a small accident.

As the years go by, the little girl grows up and is charming, like another angel Amelie on the streets of Paris. The timid smile is not as bright as Aimei's, but the shyness is extraordinarily lovable. In 2009, Melanie stepped into a law firm as a trainee, and her life was a little dull, but she seemed to be happy.

Everyday boring days are changed by a casual little conversation. Melanie recommended herself to be a nanny at the boss's house to take care of his son Tristan; and then met his wife, a famous pianist. Melanie's good music led to her second job: Page Turner. Melanie, who turned the sheet music for Ariane at the piano, was very moving, full of admiration and love. Ariane can't live without her, and Tristan thinks she's the best playmate: Melanie gradually becomes part of the family. Ariane's career has a second spring, and Melanie is the angel who brings spring.

The holidays are over and Melanie has left the big luxury house, but everyone in the house still feels her presence, real and painful: Ariane's husband discovers his wife's romance, piano genius Tristan is practicing Bach's At times, the muscle is permanently strained.

There are not so many coincidences in the world, and some things are not coincidental.

The film's rather emotional images, the various emotions in the corners of the protagonist's eyes, the casual humor and the close-up of the characters' faces, and the great gap between the outside and the inside, all create this Page Turner's gentle qualities and calm and ruthless truth. A movie worth recommending.

A few interesting coincidences: Tristan's pet chicken is named "Jealous"; Melanie's father is a butcher, and she doesn't know how to cook. ; The cellist was injured by his own violin. . .

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