nothing to do with revenge

Kacie 2022-07-10 21:32:08

On the surface, the relationship between revenge and the film may seem obvious, but defining the theme only as revenge may miss out on more of what the film has to tell us.
I have always believed that there is a certain magnetic field between people, and anyone will have a certain influence on others, even the slightest change.
A girl who is passionate about music has lost all faith in music because of a slight neglect. And a famous pianist can ruin a concert because of the absence of the translator. Everyone is in a delicate relationship with other people, especially after an unexpected setback, a crushing blow, or just a little inner denial of our own existence. Involuntarily, we use a more sensitive and subtle touch to inquire about the world around us. At this time, a little warmth and a touch of intimacy will make us regain our confidence and courage in life, and a little negation will also help us. It will take away all the courage to gather. This point has nothing to do with talent, it has nothing to do with intelligence, it is the emotional ups and downs that everyone may experience, the key is only the timing. And the girl understands this from her own failure, she finds this point, first brings new life to the pianist, and then destroys her without hesitation.
It's always difficult to show real sadness and depression in movies, although in real life, most people are in this state most of the time. However, we are very reluctant to admit it, and we do not want to see it in the movie. The real sadness should be the lack of self-confidence and denial, immaturity and hesitation that naturally arise from the heart. It does not rely on any external rendering, but can only be revealed naturally in the details of daily life, and this is only found in French films. can be expressed incisively and vividly. They are often able to penetrate the outer surface, allowing one to experience the inner fragility and struggle beneath the calm exterior. And they were never afraid to show it.

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