just a pencil tint

Hayden 2022-07-10 15:01:56

The sound of the piano, sometimes flowing slowly, sometimes jumping and restless, runs through the entire film, as Ariane's fingers skid over the keys deftly, Mélanie peeks at her in silent silence, I think of Winter's Heart, and Stephen watched the fiddle so intently Camille of strings, she disintegrated in her eyes. After reading a few film reviews, they all summed it up perfectly into a revenge story. In my opinion, it is too heavy-handed. I prefer to interpret that bit of possible hatred as an opportunity for the two to meet each other. The rest, It's like a pencil tint smeared at random, it has a certain point of heavy color, but in the end, it is not carefully looked at, and it does not need to be looked at carefully - Mélanie finally left, only because her work was done .

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