About revenge, or love.

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The piano was cold and strange, passing through the girl's face silently, the sound of the piano turned into a liquid, and an invisible hand stroked the girl's hand.
Fingertips rhythm. A pair of hands playing the piano.
Such quiet and clean eyes and brows are like a water plant floating on the bottom of the sea.
Anxiety gently lifted the corner of her skirt and slid into the deep spring of her soul, a splash of water splashing in her eyes. The girl's eyes burned at zero degrees.
The picture and music at the beginning of the film are full of cool tones, quiet and unsettling cool tones. full of gloom.
"It seems that this will not be a very pleasant night. It's cold."

Melanie is a very talented girl who is determined to apply for the Conservatory of Music. However, the piano is an "aristocratic art". If Melanie fails to pass the exam, Melanie will miss her ideal. The father, a butcher, told his daughter with some embarrassment: "Even if you fail this exam, we will still pay you to continue the class." The girl's eyebrows swayed slightly, and she spit out a word: "No."
See here , I feel that this girl is not easy to mess with. - -b Next, is to confirm the conjecture.
"This woman is poisonous, stay
away." I think I guessed right.

While waiting for the exam, Melanie has been reticent and calm, with the unusual mind of a ten-year-old. For some reason, when I watched the film, I suddenly felt that her face was very "piano". I don't know why I thought of this description, but I just felt that the quiet child's face was a mixture of tenacity and dream. A sleepwalking little warrior.
The exam to decide the fate of the future has arrived. Facing a circle of examiners, the girl's fingers flew skillfully on the keys, and the examiner showed approval. The girl's face is still calm, is her heart laughing, showing the laughter of a child, a child who is only one step away from her dream.
Destiny's temperament is always erratic, she smiles, and uses a silly little trick to subdue all beings. Really a little trick. The dream is frozen in this little trick and becomes an eternal glimpse.
Before the exam, an admirer of the female examiner asked her for her autograph. The female examiner told her to come back later, and then turned to continue the conversation. While the girl was playing, the autographer opened the door, and the female examiner nodded to signal her to come in.
The girl's piano trembled.
The sound of the piano faded away, and the sound of the female examiner signing the photo was left in the room.
The fall of a dream is a very easy thing. It may seem silly or even ridiculous, but it's so easy to shatter a piece of a dream. Fragment of a carefully guarded dream, a fragile crystalline rib.
Melanie's melody never returned to the mastery it was before the interruption. She stood up and saw a star falling in the day.
The girl's face was still silent.
She quietly exited the room, and two lines of tears fell silently on her statue-like face.
One detail betrayed her calmness: she walked outside the examination room, put on her coat, passed another woman who was playing the piano, and stroked the piano seemingly inadvertently. Then, with a bang, she pulled the lid off the piano. Fortunately, the woman playing the piano stopped her hand in time and was not injured. The woman playing the piano looked at her in surprise, but she remained calm.
scary woman.
When I got home, I locked up everything about the piano. Farewell ceremony, no one said immortal.

To give up a dream is no less than giving up a love.
So, use love to pay homage to my dream of death.

Ten years later, the girl has grown into a woman. A mature woman, her quietness adds to her beauty.
Melanie, who gave up the piano, entered a law firm and became an intern. Like most interns, her internship was actually chores. After learning that the boss temporarily needed a maid to look after her son, she offered to go.
Ten years later, she met the female examiner who ruined her dream: the boss's wife, Arianne.
Annie had long forgotten the little girl of those days. But she did not forget her.
She wants revenge.

A witch, with quiet and unpredictable eyes, like a lake full of temptation.

Started the days at the boss's house. Melanie did it perfectly and won everyone's love. She also learns that Annie has become extremely fragile after a car accident, especially when she has severe stage fright during performances, and that Annie is lacking someone to cover her music during performances. By chance, she turned over the score for Annie, who was practicing, and Annie felt that they fit together perfectly. Melanie still had that faint smile.
Before watching this film, I had no idea that there was a role like a music translator, let alone how much influence a translator would have on the performance. But as a stage fright performer like Annie, a well-received score-turner is very important.
Annie defied all opposition and made Melanie her own score translator.
For the first time, Anne had stage fright again. She hid in a corner of the performance hall, and Melanie found her. She soothes her, and together they pull off a successful show.
After the show, Melanie hid where Annie hid earlier. Annie found her and she thanked her.
Melanie looked at her quietly, still not speaking. She approached Annie's face, Annie was waiting for a kiss on the face, but she didn't.
Melanie kissed Annie's lips.

Throughout the film, Melanie's lines are few and far between, feeling less than a hundred.
And Melanie's inner world is surging infinitely in this taciturn, like snowflakes flying all over the sky, only when she falls in the palm of her hand, she is shocked to feel their scorching heat. Not knowing who the actor is playing Melanie, there are no further reviews for the film online. And I've always believed that a good actor can be amazing just by looking at them.

The woman's witch aura gradually formed a powerful invisible aura.

She was very happy with Anne's son. The boy said to Annie, "Mom, you never play games with me." I wonder if Annie's feelings for Melanie were also mixed with subtle jealousy? Like the name of the Gallic chicken the boy kept: Jealousy.
"People usually treat crows like witches, they torture them, they burn them. That's what my grandmother told me," Melanie told the boy. "
Did she do that?"
"No. She cut their throats. Look, right here."
This line was full of weirdness, and it didn't seem to be out of the ordinary, but from Melanie's mouth, it was very witchy.
After that, her behavior was easy to understand. Or that quiet and tenacious face doesn't need anyone's person or interpretation at all. She bewitched all beings with her quietness. Or she doesn't care about bewitching all beings at all, she just needs to bewitch Annie, the woman who unintentionally ruined her dream.

Annie is kind and Melanie is evil. Annie's mistake was unintentional, Melanie's revenge was intentional.
It is easy to separate people from black and white. But the world's good and evil are becoming more and more incomprehensible, and I begin to believe that good and evil do not need a black and white balance.
How would you describe Melanie's mood? Are you too fond of the piano? Are you valuing your dreams too much? To the point of forgetting the immediate direction of the real world? Or she never grew up, she was the same child ten years ago. That calm-looking child deliberately pulled the lid off the piano, trying to destroy other people's dreams.
If hatred is caused by deep love of equal weight, can hatred be forgiven?
It's just that in this war without gunpowder, no one is the winner.

To honor my dream with your love, so fair. It's just that I not only want your love, I want to smash everything about you.
If not, how could you know what kind of pain it was when I stepped on the fragments of my dream.

Annie is about to have a decisive performance, which will determine her future career prospects. Annie no longer has stage fright because she has her Melanie. She relies on her presence, and in the vast crowd, she makes her heart truly peaceful.
The time has come.
Minutes before the show, Melanie disappeared.
Fear and anxiety captured Annie again, she said that Melanie must be, must be.
Fate turns around a corner, a scene round ten years ago. They looked at each other and smiled, sweet and evil.
Annie's show failed.
Melanie stood in the parking lot with a sad and timid expression, softened by Nintendo's anger.
Melanie strokes Annie's hand, and the translator strokes the player's hand.
Annie took Meera's hand and took her tears in hers.
It doesn't matter if you don't have a dream, at least there is you.
Why are you doing this, I don't want to know.

She has been silently seducing her.
Her eyes that were about to say something could not hold back a thousand words, and with her youthful and attractive body, she knew she was looking at her. Look at her with her evasive eyes, look at her with her whole longing soul.
Annie fell in love with Melanie.

Annie's thoughts were penetrated by the orchestra's collaborators. A reminder from the side of her friend, she kept running away. But she knew: "I'm married and have kids, and if he hears any gossip, he'll kick me out of the house. Nothing is mine, it's his, and it's from his family."
When Annie talked about this with her friends, Melanie is playing tennis on the court next to her, dressed in white, young and innocent.

At the beginning of the film, I was thinking: see what new tricks this little grumpy woman can play.
If you want to hate women who are full of resentment, it is really poisonous. But Melanie.
You could say she's just too vicious and insidious. But if Annie doesn't fall in love with her, it's all right. If you don't believe it, you won't be deceived.
Just like there is no perpetual motion machine in the world, feelings are always alive, and you don't know from which corner it will suddenly strike. That's why fishermen must pray, according to the God of Small Things. For those who are in love, is prayer useful?

The construction period is coming to an end, and the boss will be back from a business trip. On the eve of her parting, Melanie asked Annie for a gift: an autographed photo of Annie.
Annie wrote on the back of the photo: "Melanie, I want to see you
again..." To see you again... In the

early morning, Melanie quietly left without saying goodbye to her. The boss also came back from a business trip. He loves to kiss his wife and children. Wealthy warm, perfect family.
The story should end here. As for whether they will meet again later, it can be left to the audience's imagination. If you like, you can imagine them being together forever, perfect player and translator, sweet lovers.

"I will smash everything about you." The

boss was looking through recent letters in his study, and a letter with no address and no stamps fell out of the middle. He opens. I saw a photo of my wife, a signed photo with the words written on the back.
I want to see you again.
I love you. You brought me back to life.


Anne instructed her son in the living room to play Bach's prelude, to surprise her returning husband, which was Mela Ni's idea.
The man came over and looked at his wife in amazement and confusion.
Annie's eyes fell on the photo.
The smooth sound of the boy continued.
The man staggered out.
Anne finally passed out.
Melanie walks alone on the long road, the sun smiles.

Subtitles rise.

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