History of Ethnic Evolution & Assimilation

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Assimilate to cry blood

Elmia was reluctant to return to her hometown until she was old, and she was nervous about the funeral of her own sister, and desperately wanted to leave. Her peers in her bloodline see her as an alien, and her whole life she desperately wants to fit in will never be truly accepted. The old man officiating the funeral told her that her sister had been marking her reindeer all her life, and she couldn't break the barrier in her heart.

The Sami, the Hulapp are considered by the Swedes to be dull, rude, barbaric, loud, and even un-evolved.

Sitting in the hotel, chatting with the traveling Swedes, the old man heard the taunting that had accompanied her all her life: how annoying the Lapps were, chasing reindeer and shouting like savages. She listened quietly, silently

girl who can't walk

The girl and her sister attended the local school, and in the 1950s, in the ethnic tribes, the Sami people were forbidden to speak the local language in the school, but Swedish had to be spoken. Elmia's sister can't read Swedish poetry, but Elmia can sing Swedish poetry melodiously, and the teacher graces her to be able to receive guests from afar. She was full of anticipation at this time.

The fantasy was shattered too quickly, and the guests used her as a tool to study the indigenous peoples, ordering her to take off her clothes even though a man was peeping outside the window. Naked, measuring eye width, nose height, body, she is just a research specimen in front of senior people.

After the boys cut off part of her ear, she was like a reindeer, powerless and stupid.

Therefore, the man she met at the dance was like a god to her. She dressed well, smiled perfectly, accepted her, and her primary feelings of desire came from this man. She couldn't tell the boy that she was Lapp, and she hated that identity. So made up a name and called out the dirty Lapp for the first time.

Assimilation, victory, begins with the rejection of one's own identity.

Elemia wanted to get a higher education, but was told by the teacher that the Lapps were not as smart as the Swedes and could not continue their education.

Assimilation means that you are like me, but always inferior to me.

The life of the disgusted Christina

Made up names, stolen clothes, but leaked fillings on a piece of cake. She walks in the city of Sweden, which is full of the wisdom of the senior race, the neatly repaired Western-style gardens are orderly on the streets, and the fountains, she is full of expectations for everything. When he came to the house of the man he admired, because he didn't know whether the blueberries on the cake were edible, he was seen by the man's mother at a glance. The man's mother doesn't care if the relationship will hurt her, she just says: Rapps have a lot of eyes.

In the night of the Nicholas family, she secretly got up, touched the keys of the piano, did not dare to let it make a sound, touched the phone, touched the body of the man, she desperately wanted to feel everything here from the touch, to integrate into this society, she smiled and satisfied , had a short dream. Like a roast turkey struck by a match. When the match goes out, everything collapses.

She pretended to be German, using her made-up name, with the surname Lehrer she read from the book, she saw the Swedish girl, tall, proud, and envious, in comparison, she was short and fat , rough hair.

She mingled with the school's Taimei girls, happy to think she was accepted, but was beaten back to her original shape after seeing the tuition bill. She went back to find the boy's family and sang folk songs at the birthday party. She understood that no matter whether the girl at the banquet was kind or a joke, at this moment, she was just a low-level animal who was allowed to visit and was rejected after borrowing money from the boy's family. She can only return to the hometown she dislikes.

The hometown is so primitive, backed by mountains, and the grasslands are camped with reindeer for a living.

Her mother, her kin, had acquired the same in long-standing isolation and prejudice. Just as the Swedes cannot accept the Lapps, the Lapps cannot integrate into a so-called civilized society.

The warmest part of the whole article is when she takes a bath with her sister. The sister is someone who always trusts and accepts her. Under her embrace, she looks up like water with peace of mind. When she is happy, she sings melodious folk songs, which her sister taught her.

"Cut off the ear"

It is not difficult to imagine what will happen to Elmia when she returns to the civilized society to study with the silver belt as she wishes.

I didn't want to go back to my hometown until I got old. In my life, I've heard so many sentences that Lapp people are dirty people. They were finally assimilated smoothly, and what they got was just another kind of ignorance. She hated the national title all her life, and when she turned her head, she realized that it was nothing but arrogance.

Just like poverty, we spend our whole life seeking to stay away from poverty and live a happy life. But no matter how you think about it, poverty is a man-made word. With this word, class differentiation is achieved and all evils are blamed on poverty, which makes people hate this word deeply.

How can one kind of people decide the way of life of another? Even language and human history are discarded. Ignore the same kind.

When the assimilation was implemented, it must have also placed beautiful hopes on the top, hoping that their country would go to a higher level, and the people would be truly unified. But what is hatched is all isolated.

Putting a tortuous step in history on the body of an ordinary person will never leave a broken ear.

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