little moments in life

Kelvin 2022-11-20 09:51:46

This movie took my breath away in the first few minutes. When Melanie stopped playing and turned her head to stare at the judges who were signing autographs for fans, I had already guessed where the plot was going. And I knew I was going to love this movie.

Because I used to be that little girl too. I have also tasted the momentary frustration and despair that have been stifled by a long-held enthusiasm. It's just that I am more fortunate than Melanie. When my self-confidence hit rock bottom, another kind person warmed up that cold windy night with a warm smile and words of encouragement.

The butterfly flaps its wings gently, and a tsunami is about to happen.

An unintentional move by the female judges ruined a little girl's life in music and ruined her own happiness for the rest of her life.

The words blurted out by an elder saved a child who was extremely sad and lost and has been the driving force for her efforts to this day. She made the opposite decision for Melanie. She does not resort to covert revenge. She just wanted to prove to them one day how stupid and wrong their decision was.

Sometimes, it is the little moments in our lives that change our lives.

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