Revenge, revenge, revenge!

Isadore 2022-10-05 21:32:25

There are a thousand reasons to hate someone, but to ruin her life, only a well-thought-out plan is enough.
Even the director of the film, Denis Decourt himself said that what he wanted to make was just a simple film about revenge, not so much educational - and in the end, this simple revenge was shortlisted in 2006. Cannes Film Festival.

Melanie is a musically gifted girl. When she was in her teens, the pianist Mrs. Fossegu, who was the chair of the jury, distracted Melanie by signing autographs for fans during her exam, and she played the exam repertoire in a mess. As a last resort, Melanie had to say goodbye to the piano.
From then on, a ten-year revenge plan took root in the girl's heart.

This film is really vicious, especially when it presents Melanie's extremely morbid psychological personality, and the detailing is particularly good:
the music cannot be interrupted, and the surrounding environment is very careful; put away the Beethoven on the piano Bust, still put it in the box that was used to pack it; the home is spotless, the bedroom is surprisingly neat; he can quickly do any work related to order; the ability to learn is extremely strong, perfectionism...
Collect these little by little After the details, I couldn't help exclaiming: "Isn't this the obsessive-compulsive disorder in the psychological disorder of personality!"

Just because I did not allow myself to fail. So after Melanie blamed Mrs. Fosig for her failure, the revenge plan was extremely cruel.

She advanced to work in Mr. Fusigu's law firm and gained the boss's trust with her outstanding work ability. Then, she was introduced to his wife by Mr. Fossigou, who trusted her - Melanie had finally met her nemesis.
Observing her words and doing what she likes, Melanie discovered all the secrets and psychological hidden dangers of Mrs. Fossigou. At the same time, she also gained the love and trust of Mrs. Fossigou and became the girl who turned the sheet music for her at the concert. .

That's the power of little people, and sometimes it's terrifying to think about.
Since one of your judges can bid me farewell to the piano, one of my absences can also end your musical life.
In the end, Melanie succeeded in ruining Mrs. Forcigu's piano career.
Of course, there were many casualties: the couple's marriage, and their only child's piano-playing hands as gifted as Melanie's.

In other words, the family was taken down so easily by Melanie - and until the end of the film, Mrs. Fossig might know that Melanie put her together, but she still doesn't know the reason for the incident. .

I have to admit that I have a dark mind, and I didn't utter the same condemnation of Melanie as other friends on the forum - because I felt in my heart that the revenge that was completely successful and unaccountable had a poignant kind of revenge from beginning to end. beauty.
Is Melanie guilty? There is absolutely nothing in the law - this is more technical than those who have to rely on red knives to get in and white knives out to get revenge and have to go to the jail after the fact.
Ten years, who can drink the wine of hatred for ten years and still be sober, and finally get the perfect revenge? Except for the Count of Monte Cristo, this Miss Melanie, I suppose?

After watching this movie, I have learned the following points, which I will share with all my friends:
1. Don't mess with little people. Little people can often play a big role in historical events, and they are not inferior to emperors, generals, heroes and heroes;
2. Don't Provoking people with personality disorders, when these people are sick, all of them are mafia. You can't handle it, friend.

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