It's not like love

Virginia 2022-08-19 02:17:12

How did Melanie make Arianne fall in love with her? This is the hardest part of this story idea to work out.

But it was achieved through Kathryn Flo's wonderful role in Arianne, a performance that made her appear so cautious in front of her husband that she nearly collapsed in the face of Shostakovich's tune. Disturbed, eager to acknowledge and not acknowledged everywhere. It was not until the appearance of Melanie that she gained affirmation and confidence, as well as the destructive love that grew out of regaining confidence.

When the violinist was rehearsing, the first time he saw Melanie, he told Arianne, "That girl is staring at you," and finally someone could stare at her, which wasn't really hormonal love.

In contrast, Melanie's actor feels a little lack of yin. What if it was a revenge girl like Huppert? But she has had too many similar roles.

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