quietly revenge

Chaz 2022-10-05 03:45:18

I watched this film a few years ago, and I have always liked it, so I wrote about it.
The French have been shouting, that French cinema is on the decline. I don’t think it’s actually the case. The overall artistic level of French films is still relatively high. The New Wave is a banner whose meaning has faded over time. Films from other countries in the world today are surging, and excellent works are coming out. For example, Chinese (including mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan) films have won awards at important international film festivals almost every year, and there are many previously inconspicuous ones, such as Denmark, Iceland, Iran, Brazil, etc. , they have made amazing good films, and the real flowers are blooming. So in contrast, France does not seem to have particularly surprising works and particularly heavyweight directors. I hope you will forget about Taxi, Hollywood-style commercial films like The Fifth Element, which are not the essence of French cinema at all.

The La Tourneuse de pages, released in 2006, is an excellent work, telling a story of revenge carefully constructed by a young woman, Melanie, mixed with same-sex love, trapping, and profound resentment, the fragility of human nature and other elements.

As a child, Melanie lived in a family that owned a butcher shop, but had an obsessive love for the piano. During the exam, she encountered the arrogant and harsh famous female pianist Ariana Fosigu as the chairman of the jury, so she played abnormally and said goodbye to music with hatred. After she became an adult, she happened to be an intern in Ariana's husband's office, and the boss happened to ask her to take her son at home during the holiday, so she met Ariana, who both admired and resented.

At first I didn't realize what was going to happen, because all of Melanie's actions expressed adoration and love for Ariana. After Melanie gained Ariana's trust and dependence, she sent a love signal to her, which made her overwhelmed and stepped into the trap step by step. Fortunately, the audience can't guess the heroine's psychology and intentions. Déborah François, who plays Melanie, is always quiet, deftly avoiding attention. Her skin was pale, her long blond hair was perpetually tucked back softly, and she walked with her arms at her sides, as restrained as a nun. And walking out of the swimming pool wet, her figure is full of youthful tenderness and elasticity, and her allure to the middle-aged woman Ariana is like a cannonball. When she walked out of the fitting room in the black dress that Ariana had chosen for her, she undoubtedly gave the non-gay woman a vertigo. Ariana trusts her with confidence, treats her as a reassurance for performances when she sits behind her calmly flipping the score, and gives her a lot of goodies, such as the best skin care products (La Prairie, one of the most expensive day creams in the world). ).

Melanie never talks much, and her eyes have a lot of meaning. A male colleague of Ariana tries to molest Melanie by hugging her from behind on the pretext of teaching the cello. Melanie didn't show much resistance, but the camera slowly moved down, and I saw that she lifted the cello slightly, and then stabbed the awl used to support the bottom of the piano into the sole of the man's foot. With a roar, she walked out in a hurry, and looked at other people without knowing it. Yin enough.

Catherine Frot, who plays Ariana, has admirable acting skills. I have seen her play a supporting role in "Family Atmosphere" (Un Air de famille, 1996). She is a very hilarious character and a very stupid woman. When I first saw this film, I still couldn't get back to my senses, but I immediately forgot the previous comedy color, because here she has a noble and artistic atmosphere, skilled piano playing skills, genuine goods, and convincing. This is the quality of a diverse actor. I remember that Song Dandan appeared in House of Flying Daggers that shouldn't be laughing, but made everyone laugh, and it was clear that they were high and low.

The world of the vulnerable pianist is turned upside down, family and reputation are left behind after a struggle, and all attention is focused on the woman who turns the score. On the eve of leaving the family, Melanie dropped the last piece of poison, a photo that demanded an autograph. Ariana wrote hard, I have completely changed, I hope to see you again, pause a little, and add the sentence of sentenced to death, I love you. Early in the morning, Melanie had left alone, walking briskly, unable to hide her happiness. Mr. Fosigu was now looking at the letters, one of which was this declaration of love. He looked at his wife in disbelief, and Ariana passed out after being hit by Melanie's sleight of hand.

Until then, I didn't know Melanie's plan and every step of the way. A woman's heart, a needle in the sea.

A large number of psychological dramas are handled delicately and accurately. Catherine Flo's pianist struggles painfully against temptation and intrigue, and finally opens up and falls into the abyss. Sometimes it's a bewildered gesture, a distracted turn around, and a slight tuft of brows, which is vividly displayed. It's a shame she didn't win the César Award for Best Actress for this film.

Although it is a suspense film, the style is not dominated by dark thrillers, and there are many bright and bright scenes. The dialogue and plot are also very entertaining, often with a knowing smile. Doesn't look tired at all.

This film does not feel like a big production, the scenes are very limited, and it is basically carried out in a house. But don't feel anything stretched, on the contrary, the tone is very stretched. Mainly blues, bright and concise, against the simple blue and black background, Melanie's fair complexion and blond hair are very in-tune and very eye-catching, which highlights the protagonist and strengthens her unknown psychological activities. .
Music is of course an important part. Director and screenwriter Denis Dercourt, a musician himself, has made films of the same type of music to critical acclaim. The music plays a big role in advancing the plot, adding appropriate annotations to the characters' psychology. Too bad I can't post the track.

Great movie, the aftertaste is still there.

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