Love turns into hate

Bailee 2022-08-19 00:03:02

Love becomes hate everywhere.

Mélanie fell in love with the piano from an early age. For her, the piano is not just for her leisure time, but her whole future. However, Mélanie's future was ruined by Ariane's carelessness and her own obsession. As an exam reviewer, Ariane did not consider the mood of the candidates. When Mélanie took the exam, she let her fans come in to get autographs. Mélanie, who was originally determined to succeed, saw the examiner do such disrespectful things, and her confidence was suddenly lost, and her performance was inaccurate. After Mélanie failed the exam, what she loved the most became what she hated the most, and she didn't want to hear the sound of playing the piano anymore. When she went to the practice room to get her jacket back, another test taker was practicing. Mélanie gave the man a ruthless and cold look, then slowly approached, and when she passed by the man, she pulled the piano hard. Cover down. The child who was practicing hurriedly retracted his hands, but Mélanie, as if he had done nothing, walked towards his mother who was waiting outside the door at the same pace. Mélanie returned home, put the plaster statue on the piano back in the carton, and locked the piano with a key, all of which meant that she would never touch the piano again for the rest of her life.

Mélanie grew up and came to Jean's law firm as a trainee. A senior who worked with him told Mélanie that Jean needed someone to look after his son. After listening, Mélanie calmly walked to Jean's office, put down the things that needed to be handed over to him, and dared to tell him that he could help take care of Jean's son. Jean was stunned, then overjoyed, and the Shi Neng in his heart fell. Jean immediately said that it was great that Mélanie was willing to help, but he did not know that Mélanie was actually a vengeful goddess who came to destroy the peace of his family.

Jean's wife is actually Ariane who "destroyed" Mélanie's future. We can guess that Mélanie went to Jean’s law firm for an apprenticeship. She knew about the relationship between Jean and Ariane early on. She came in to work in hopes of finding opportunities to start with Jean’s family, so Mélanie pointed out to Jean that she was willing to temporarily Lives in Jean's residence and helps him take care of his son.

After Mélanie came to Jean's residence, she first established a good relationship with her children, and then helped Ariane, who was terrified, to reveal the piano score, so that Ariane, who had lost confidence in herself, depended on her. Ariane originally regarded Mélanie as a capable assistant, but Mélanie saw Ariane's dependence on her and expressed her "love" to her. Ariane froze all of a sudden, she didn't know how to deal with it, the only thing she knew was that Mélanie could bring her security, which no one else could give, not even her husband and son. Mélanie is an indispensable presence for Ariane. When Ariane learns about Mélanie's "love" for her, she begins to wonder if her feelings for Mélanie are love. When playing hide-and-seek, Mélanie held Ariane's hand. Ariane panicked, fearing that retreating would make Mélanie leave him and lose the only person she could rely on. Mélanie saw Ariane's doubts about love and not love, and completed the psychological seduction, and then seduced Ariane physically. Mélanie put on a swimsuit with very little fabric in front of Ariane, so that Ariane could see her fit body, and when shopping for clothes, she deliberately opened a slit so that she could see her body in the gap. Knowing that Ariane is obsessed with herself, Mélanie is still repressed, so she declares to her "Although I love you, you can't have me." Mélanie ran into a friend at the place where he was shopping for clothes, and had a good conversation with Ariane in front of Ariane. A special relationship is just a friend, but if you don't hold me tight, I will leave you at any time." Then, during Ariane's performance, Mélanie disappeared on purpose, which made Ariane anxious and made Ariane realize that she really couldn't lose Mélanie.

Ariane finally falls in love with Mélanie under Mélanie's tricks, not knowing that everything Mélanie does is for revenge. Mélanie missed the concert, preventing Ariane from playing. Ariane lost her last chance and her playing career was officially over. Mélanie ruined Ariane's career just as Ariane ruined hers that day. However, this was not enough to vent Mélanie's anger. She picked Ariane and asked Ariane to leave her a memorial on the last night of her stay at Jean's house. Ariane thought that Mélanie was really reluctant to give up on herself, so she carefully chose a photo, and wrote a love letter behind the photo, asking Mélanie to meet with her after finishing the job to continue the relationship. Ariane wrote about the same-sex romance, but Mélanie put the letter in Jean's files, deliberately letting Jean find out.

Ariane was going to see Mélanie off, cook her a good breakfast, and send her away. Perhaps in addition to writing letters, Ariane also hopes to show her love more deeply in the time of sending her away alone. But Mélanie, when she was full of hope, stalked the path of the gloomy morning. Ariane was disappointed when she found out that Mélanie was gone, and what surprised her even more was that her husband showed her the picture of love and left in anger. Ariane once said that everything she is now depends on her husband, she has no independent property of her own, and her career has no chance of further development after the failure of her last performance. Ariane lost her happy family and lost the backbone of the economy. And the most terrifying thing is that my son is actually playing a tune that he shouldn't be playing. As a performer, Ariane understands that practice cannot be forced. She once told her son not to play difficult songs so as not to damage his muscles, but now his son is playing difficult songs that he shouldn't be playing. Seeing the photo on her husband's hand, Ariane couldn't possibly not know Mélanie's real intention, and she should have guessed that the person who asked her son to practice this song was Mélanie. Mélanie ruined Ariane's career and family, as well as his son.

Love is colder than death. Being too obsessed with one thing and loving too much is sometimes more terrifying than "destruction" itself.

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