Really perverted, crazy

Rosemary 2022-09-04 04:59:35

Lying on the bed, following the melody with her fingers flying, she is an elf who loves music; she was
disrupted by the chief judge's signature move and missed the big stage, she is a helpless little girl; in
anger and despair, she smashed the lid of the piano to destroy her fingers Her actions are justified, she is the paranoid Snow Queen.
------------Two flowers and one branch each------------
This girl reminds me of a little boy in Criminal Minds, because he is younger His little sister snatched the toy plane from him, strangled her to death, and shoved the fragments of the toy plane into her throat abruptly. This is a typical anti-social personality, and sometimes the cruelty of children is even more terrifying.

Looking back at this girl, when she grew up, she was still haunted by her interrupted music career. When she met the initiator, her heart was revenge. Still signed, this girl is still behaving like Murong Fu.
It's not enough to destroy her, but to ruin her son's musical life, only then can she fulfill her wishes and weigh her heart.
All of this is just the failure of the piano selection that year. Guilt doesn't end there.

Really perverted,

let me say this by the way: This girl is definitely a good player in the palace fighting drama

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