The princess and the princess are happy together from now on, it turns out that it is not the end

Jaquelin 2022-07-09 17:18:23

We thought that the princess and the princess lived happily ever after, that is the happy ending of the story, but it turns out that we guessed the beginning of the story, but did not guess the ending. I thought it was the saddest thing when my life partner left. As a result, the house full of memories could not be left, and the family was so scattered, there was no place to worry about. It is fortunate that the director allows us to experience this kind of life and death in a forward-looking way, 1961 in the United States, 2022 in China, and hope that when we are old, we will usher in the dawn

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If These Walls Could Talk 2 quotes

  • Linda: Do you have any idea what you just did? You know why you don't like Amy? Because you're scared of anything that's not like you.

  • Kal: I hate that I can't get you pregnant.

    Fran: I hate it more.

    Kal: Couldn't possibly.

    Fran: Oh yeah.