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Vilma 2022-07-09 21:25:25

I, who rarely watch movies online, came across this title by chance: "Women Make Women", it's vulgar but very novel, so I watched this movie online.
With such a vulgar name, I thought, hey, look, see how vulgar it can be!
As soon as I watched it, I felt that my judgment was completely wrong. After watching it, I even felt that this was a gay movie that I rarely saw.

On other sites If These Walls Could Talk 2 is titled "If the Walls Could Talk", which is much better than "Women and Women".
There is an introduction on the plot, you have to get a general understanding, and then look at other people's words to have a taste.

"Women Bubble Women" is a TV movie produced by HBO. It is divided into three units. Through the stories that happened to different residents of a house in three periods, it reflects the changes in the situation and situation of the les movement in the United States.
The serious problem is that a lot of people don't want to watch a gay movie as soon as they hear it, and don't want to know what LES is all about.

I watched this gay movie today, and it really amazes me that a gay movie can be made so well...!

Especially this episode from 1961, the two old men, was really sad to see.
There is no legal guarantee for gay sex. When you get old, because there is no guarantee of marriage, everything is lost.

After watching this movie, I understand why LES in the world are fighting for the right to marriage. Because only if the marriage is guaranteed, their old age is guaranteed!

The film made in 2000 showed me the efforts made by LES to fight for the survival right of future generations! Sarah Stone played the role of P, very naturally. Some Hong Kong gay films are always a little nauseating after watching them. But this film does not, and even feels very innocent, with an illusory beauty.

The topic of comradeship is a topic that can't be talked about completely. China is a big country with a population of 1.3 billion. If 3% of people have this tendency, it means that 40 million people have this sexual orientation. And a country as big as Canada has a total population of only 30 million! Therefore, the Chinese comrades are really not a small number.

A family with LES will have a lot of troubles, and these underground troubles will accompany every member of the family for the rest of their lives!
If China could calmly discuss gay issues and deal with gay issues from the perspectives of medicine, physiology, genetics, law, etc., perhaps many family tragedies would be resolved, and many individual marriages, love, sex, etc. would be resolved. There will be relative freedom in life.

After reading "Women Bubble Women" translated into such a cheesy name, I saw scenes of life that I can't see on weekdays, and I also learned knowledge that I don't usually understand.
I look forward to Chinese gay literature and film and television works that can be accepted and convincing like the film "Women Make Women".

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