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In 1961, the first story started from the death of Abby, and I cried so hard, those helpless facts hit my chest hard, when Edith threw herself on the bed and cried hysterically, and she had to deliberately lower her voice, I'm about to give up. The painful resonance in my heart made me almost unable to hold on, as if many years later, I or my lover would also experience such a story and such an ending. In 1972, the era of feminist liberation finally arrived, and it was still buried and hidden from the light. The locomotive little T is so handsome that it's slag... that little oily head is well combed... that locomotive is so bad... I think this is an era where everyone is trying, an era where everything is possible, an era of dreams... a Heralding the times when everything will be fine! It was also an era when it was so easy to catch girls, because girls were curious about what Lala was and what happened on the bed of curiosity... 2000, I finally waited for this... uh... how do you say it, the era of the gay parade? Right now... I just want to say, I want to go to America and bring my lover, just because America is more tolerant, just because America emphasizes personal wishes, just because I want to hug my lover when I go to the supermarket, Like a normal heterosexual family. I want to have a few children with my love, some for her, some for me, just like a normal family, the kids call her Mommy, call me Mommy Bear, teach girls to cook, take boys to hunt...or On the other hand... Then during the festival, I invite the neighbors to climb the ladder, and I will talk about the shortness of the parents, and it will be ordinary for a lifetime. For this desire to be together, I don't know how many years the seniors have been fighting, but we just want to have an ordinary love, just like everyone, long for an ordinary life, just like everyone... just because of love.

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