Daniella 2022-09-15 19:16:53

I used to learn photography at school, and I often shoot movies on a whim. They are all super short films that end in three or five minutes, and try to avoid plots. I always feel that this kind of homemade DV is made by classmates, and they don’t have any The experience in acting cannot reach the level of "acting", so in those short films, people are just symbols.

After watching Pasolini's film, I was ashamed.
Amateur actors can have perfect performances, as long as you guide and find the right angle of performance. I just found out that the performance of the actors is unnatural. The emotion they look in the film is definitely not the expression that a normal person should have. , they kept nodding and taking expressions.

Pasolini's films are just normal people, picturesque, real European villages, real human beings.

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