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Story 1: (quoted by a custom movie in Taiwan) The young and beautiful wife took advantage of the old rich man's blindness to go up a tree to meet his lover. At this time, the rich man suddenly regained his eyesight and saw the unbearable picture. The beautiful wife hurriedly explained. It's just an illusion created by restoring vision.

Story 2: Two homosexuals were denounced, one paid for the incident, and the other had no money but was burned alive by the church.

Story 3: The whistleblower of the previous story went on the road with a melon eater, and the two shamelessly stole a silver pot from an old woman's house.

Story 4: The man idles around and causes trouble everywhere, and finally wakes up from a spring dream and is taken to London to be executed.

Story 5: In order to get a beautiful wife, the apprentice lied that the flood was coming and hung the master with a wooden barrel. After they succeeded, the two could not help but fight for several rounds, during which the man and woman teased each other with a young man who was pursuing his wife.

Story 6: After the death of her husband, the woman finally married the man she had always liked. Soon after the marriage, a huge conflict occurred between the two.

Story 7: Two young people went to the miller's house to grind noodles. In the middle of the night, the miller snored loudly. One simply got into the grinder's daughter's bed, and the other designed the grinder's wife into his own bed. In the morning, they got on the wrong grinder again and it was exposed. Several people scuffled together, the grinder was knocked down, and the two escaped.

Story 8: Three fraternal youths fought infighting to swallow the treasure they had acquired by chance. As a result, all three were killed by each other.

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