Is there a better mockery than farting?

Zechariah 2022-11-16 08:12:37

A collection of short stories by Chaucer, the pioneer of English literature in the 14th century, which Pasolini brought to the screen in his own style. Several small stories, full of irony and ridicule. The darkness, fragility, greed and hypocrisy of human nature are exposed in these stories. The lord with extreme desires married a young and beautiful wife to enjoy life before dying. There are three young people who want to take revenge and kill each other for a pile of wealth. All of them were killed, there was a villain who informed the homosexuality, and the latter was roasted to death in the square, and a young man who had just had oral sex with a prostitute came to the restaurant to pee and mock at the crowd. . .
In the final climax, people are taken to hell, and the devil is sodomizing all kinds of people who come in, no matter how powerful and glorious you were in your life.
It is worth mentioning that there are three fart scenes in the film, which are enough to prove that Pasolini is a full-blown angry youth:
the first is that when the male student seduces the young woman next door on the bed, another suitor of the young woman is in the window. He begged the young woman to give him a kiss, and the young woman ran over with a smile, put her butt to his mouth, and let out a loud fart; so the suitor ran back, brought a red-hot iron, and continued to the The young woman asked for another kiss. At this time, the student who had just finished having sex said let me go. When he pointed his ass, it stabbed with the soldering iron.
The second is that the dying businessman confessed his inheritance to his brother (or priest?), his brother looked at him greedily and said he loved him, so the businessman told him that there was a check on his ass Underneath, told his brother to get it, his brother stuck his head under his ass and found nothing but a stinky fart.
The third is the end of hell, there's a devil who keeps pointing his ass to the camera, pulling out all kinds of dirty things, a lot of non-stop, and releasing all kinds of dirty smells, a lot of non-stop . .

Pasolini is indecent, at least it won't make petty bourgeois like it; but I feel very happy, when peeing, or when farting, human nature is inherently evil, human nature is inherently ugly, so you must enjoy it Make fun of everything, everything is bullshit, everything goes to the next area! But he is at least contradictory, like a rock song, after singing, the emotions are vented, and it is necessary to have sex with MM.

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